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Traveling through Canada affords visitors various opportunities to enjoy culture, nature, adventure, sightseeing, and all kinds of activities. As tourists traverse the country they will find incredibly diverse landscapes, a mix of cultural influences, unique cities, and interesting attractions.

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Western Canada, with cities like Vancouver and Calgary, is well known for the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Vancouver Island, off the West Coast, is home to the British Columbia capital city of Victoria, along with old growth forests, beaches, and rugged coastal scenery. Inland and set in the mountains, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are two of the country's most famous tourist attractions. Their turquoise colored lakes, surrounded by peaks, are the subject of postcards and a highlight for visitors.

Central Canada is home to the prairies, and further east, forests and lakes, including the Great Lakes. At the heart of the country is the city of Toronto, Canada's biggest city, and nearby, the capital city of Ottawa. Toronto is a vibrant city, with a great entertainment district where visitors will find musicals, concerts, and all sorts of shows. It is also home to many internationally recognized museums and sights, including the Royal Ontario Museums and the CN Tower. An easy day trip from Toronto is Niagara Falls, one of North America's most visited tourist attractions. In Ottawa visitors will find most of the country's national museums. Some of the main places of interest are the National Gallery of Canada, the Parliament Buildings, and the Rideau Canal.

Heading still further East is the French speaking province of Quebec. Quebec City is one of Canada's oldest cities, with a beautiful historic section which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the highlights include the grand old Château Frontenac and the historic Citadel. The city of Montreal is another popular stop on traveler's itineraries. It too has a famous old town known as Old Montreal, where historic buildings have been converted into restaurants and tourist shops. One of the most impressive sights is the Notre-Dame Basilica. Most of the charm in both of these cities comes from walking around the old quarters, soaking up the atmosphere.

Eastern Canada, commonly known as Atlantic Canada, is less well known internationally, but known across Canada for its friendly people and maritime lifestyle. Separated from mainland Canada is the island province of Newfoundland. Here visitors will find remote fishing villages, beautiful natural scenery, and a slower pace.

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