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The island continent of Australia is a unique destination, with modern coastal cities and a vast untamed center where, in many places, time seems to have stood still. The East Coast of Australia is where most tourists find themselves and where many of the countries great attractions lie. Beyond this stretches the rugged Outback, the wild landscape of the South Coast, and the city of Perth on the lesser visited West Coast.

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While it is not the capital, Sydney is one of Australia's main tourist attractions. This lovely ocean front city is the typical postcard image most people have of Australia. With such famous sights as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, this is where many visitors begin their travels through Australia. Suburbs, such as Bondi and Manly, also offer inviting beaches and are fun seaside communities.

Further south along the coast is the city of Melbourne, another vibrant city with plenty of things to see and do. Sightseeing options around Melbourne include the famous Melbourne Cricket Grounds, the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance, and the National Gallery of Victoria. Shoppers will want to stop by the Melbourne Central Shopping Center, the Queen Victoria Market, or the Royal Arcade, where they will find not only everything from the latest fashions to souvenir, but also enjoy some of the city's lovely architecture.

Other places of interest along the famed East Coast of Australia are the city of Brisbane, the beaches of Surfer's Paradise, the Great Barrier Reef, the sand island known as Fraser Island, and many exceptional small towns. The Australian capital, the small city of Canberra, lies inland from the coast. It holds many of the national museums, galleries, and institutions. While there are many worthy attractions here, tourists are often most captivated by the unique architecture, particularly that of the New Parliament Building.

Beyond the well-traveled eastern portion of the country there are many other worthwhile places to visit. The remote Outback, with the famous Ayers Rock and the city of Alice Springs, is a little more difficult to access but certainly worth the trip. To the south lie the city of Adelaide and the well known Great Ocean Road. To the north are Darwin and the impressive Kakadu National Park. And, from the nearly deserted West Coast springs to life the modern metropolis of Perth, a seeming oasis on the deserts edge.

Visitors should not underestimate the size of the country when planning a trip through Australia. Distances between places can be great and those looking to see and do it all may want to consider some internal flights. The road systems are good but time spend traveling by car can be time consuming.

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