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Meagan Drillinger has always been torn between her life in New York City and one out of a suitcase living on the road. In 2021, she said goodbye to her old life in New York and started living on the road full time. This life change proved to be an easier transition than originally imagined since she has been a travel writer since 2009, though her love of travel started much sooner than that.

The earliest travel memory she has is being home schooled for several weeks while on an Italian road trip. Staying in local farmhouses, practicing Italian with local children on the playground, eating freshly made mozzarella sandwiches on cobblestone streets, it was experiential travel before it was trending, and that has been her method of travel ever since.

When she's not traveling and writing about it for publications like PlanetWare, Thrillist, or Travel + Leisure, she's working on her personal website (, or simply throwing darts at the map and setting off into the unknown with her husband, who travels full-time with her, as well.

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Meagan's dive into travel writing began when she started covering Mexico. What started as a work assignment grew into a deep passion and curiosity for all things Mexico. Her travels have taken her from the beaches of the Yucatan peninsula to the jungles near the border with Guatemala, the colonial mountain cities, the wild and rugged Pacific, and all across the Baja peninsula. In fact, she spends more time in Mexico than she does anywhere else in the world.

The majority of her time visiting Mexico is spent in Puerto Vallarta, which she considers a second home. It was here that she and her husband met, while he was spending time living there, as well. Since then, the two have taken to driving the entire country, whether on four wheels or two. Her favorite spots in Mexico to explore are the Costalegre, the state of Oaxaca, the southern Quintana Roo beaches, and the jungles of Chiapas.

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One of the very first solo backpacking trips Meagan ever embarked on was one to Southeast Asia — Thailand in particular, and it is a place she has visited several times. It is a close second to Mexico in her heart. In 2022, she spent three months in Thailand traveling across the entire country, from the beaches of Krabi to the streets of Bangkok, the temples of Ayutthaya, and the rolling mountains of northern Mae Hong Son.


Meagan has a Master's Degree in Irish Studies, so it's safe to say that Ireland was her first international love. Since her 20s, she has not only visited Ireland more than 10 times, but has spent a significant amount of time living in Dublin. Over the course of her adventures in Ireland, she has driven the majority of the country, seeking out the small fishing villages, the remnants of castles, and the thriving, cultural cities.