12 Best Cheap Places to Travel in March

Written by Anietra Hamper
Aug 21, 2019

The month of March is a great time to find cheap travel deals because it is just before the summer tourist season picks up in many vacation destinations, and when the winter crowds begin to drop off in tropical locations. It is a great month to score discounts as hotels and resorts scramble to fill vacant rooms.

You will only have to navigate spring break travel in your departure destination to find the best airline prices, but overall this is an ideal month to plan a cheap vacation.

For ideas on places to visit that are most likely to have off-peak pricing and decent weather for budget travel at this time of year, see our list of the best cheap places to travel in March.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

View of Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Planning a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland in March has several advantages. It is one of the best places to go in March because it's just on the fringe of the tourist season, so there are discounted hotel and airfare deals, plus the temperatures are mild. This is the best month for the most bang for your buck, and sightseeing will only require a light jacket versus a heavier coat during other off-season times. After March and building through August, the tourist numbers rise, along with the cost of travel.

The bonus to vacation savings in March is the ability to catch the best view over Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat park without dodging hordes of other tourists. Likewise, popular attractions like the Royal Botanic Garden and the National Museum of Scotland will take less time to navigate. March is perfect walking weather to explore Edinburgh by foot, especially since many of the best attractions are in close proximity to each other in the Old Town and New Town neighborhoods.

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2. Tulum, Mexico

Mayan ruins in Tulum

The seaside town of Tulum, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula is a perfect vacation spot for March travel, especially for those looking for a luxury vacation on the cheap. December and January are the most popular tourist months for this hidden Mexican paradise. In March, hotel and airfare rates drop, so the luxury resorts that might be out of reach other times of the year are more affordable. The smaller hotels that are slightly cheaper other times of the year will also have discounted rates.

Tulum has a nice mix of things to do, and it is a fun alternative to other more populated Mexican beach destinations. Relaxing on the Playa Paraiso beach and listening to the Caribbean Sea is a top activity in Tulum. You can also plan excursions with fewer people to the Mayan ruins in the area; snorkeling in the underground caverns, called cenotes; and visiting the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

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3. Orlando, Florida

Lake Eola in downtown Orlando

It is hard to escape the crowds in Orlando, Florida any time of the year, especially at Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, but if you are looking to save money on one-day passes to the park, airline rates, hotel rooms, and work in comfortable weather while dodging hurricane season, March offers nice vacation deals. Rates will just be dropping after the winter holiday season, when families overload Orlando between November and February.

This time of year in Orlando has the most comfortable weather, averaging temperatures in the mid-70s Fahrenheit, which is nice, especially for doing outdoor activities like the theme parks. Lower rates mean you can add an extra day or two to your vacation to visit Sea World Orlando and the Mall at Millenia. If you have time for the 45-minute drive from Orlando, it is worth squeezing in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex while you are in the region.

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4. Rome, Italy

View of St. Peter's Basilica at sunset

Since there is so much to see and do in Rome, planning your trip when the rates are most affordable makes sense, and March is one of the best months to find those deals. Once the summer crowds hit, the hotel and airfare rates will rise, along with Rome's heat and humidity. With average temperatures close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in March, you can walk Italy's capital city comfortably.

Rome is one of those destinations that you can hardly fit into a week, so getting the great rates in March will enable you to stretch your dollar for a longer vacation stay.

Without the major summer crowds to contend with, you can more easily get onto the most popular tours to the Pantheon, Colosseum, and the Vatican. For time on your own, you can stroll the Porta Portese Sunday morning flea market for antiques and souvenirs, or toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, a 1700s masterpiece and one of the must-sees while in Rome.

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5. Agra, India

Taj Mahal

The sweet spot time of the year to travel to Agra, India is in March, when the rates drop after the winter season in February and before temperatures start reaching triple digits in April. The Taj Mahal is on many people's bucket lists, and it will be tough to find a time of the year when there are not large volumes of tourists here, but the March window is probably your best bet for finding lower hotel and airline rates. You'll also find fewer people generally compared to the peak travel times of December and January.

The temperatures in March in Agra hover around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is still warm, meaning you will want to visit the Taj Mahal in the morning. You can take your time to explore other sites in Agra, like the Agra Fort and the beautiful gardens at Mehtab Bagh.

Besides the lower travel rates to Agra in March, the low currency conversion rate will save you even more money that you can use to explore the city by rickshaw or bargain for souvenirs from local street vendors.

6. San Antonio, Texas

River Walk in San Antonio

Strolling along the San Antonio River Walk in Texas is even more exciting when you know you are saving money on your lodging and airfare in March. Really any time between November and April you will find cheaper rates on travel to the city. The bonus for visiting San Antonio in March is the comfortable weather, which averages in the mid 70s. San Antonio is a popular destination for in-state tourists, so summertime has the most crowds, higher Texas temperatures, humidity, and peak-season rates.

March is a great time to visit the popular Alamo and other historical sites like the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the San Fernando Cathedral. There are many non-historical places to visit, too, like the popular San Antonio Zoo, Sea World San Antonio, Six Flags amusement park, or take a leisurely sightseeing tour on the water along the three-mile River Walk.

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7. Montreal, Canada


Take advantage of the hotel vacancies that are in abundance in March in Montreal and plan a cheap getaway in one of the most enjoyable cities in Canada. You can get discounted hotel rates and airfare to Montreal this time of year, plus you can easily find last-minute bargains, whereas you will have to book well in advance for summer travel. March is a great time to enjoy some of the top attractions like the Montreal Observation Wheel, which will have shorter lines, or none at all.

While March temperatures in Montreal only hit about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the walkable downtown makes it easy to duck in and out of stores and restaurants to get warm. There is also the heated Underground City Mall and walkways to other parts of downtown, so you never really have to be outside very long. There are many great things to see in Montreal that stay open even in cooler months, so you can walk to the shops in Old Montreal, trek up to the Parc du Mont-Royal, go inside the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, and visit the featured exhibits at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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8. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon at sunset

The low early-spring rates in Lisbon make March a cheaper time to visit Portugal's capital city than other months of the year. The weather is warm, averaging 63 degrees Fahrenheit, so walking the city and even hitting the beach is possible without all the tourists who visit in the high-season. Lisbon is not as popular as other European destinations, so that is another reason you are likely to find discounts for your overall vacation budget.

The relaxed nature of Lisbon makes it nice to just hang out at a local café for fresh-made pastries and coffee, or find a guitarist strumming ancient lullabies on a street plaza. March weather makes it easy to walk the historical neighborhoods of Lisbon to admire it's colonial architecture. Get the best views of the city from the Tram 28, which takes you through Lisbon's best neighborhoods, including The Alfama, Lisbon's Old Quarter, with its steep hills and panoramic views of the city.

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9. Vancouver, Canada


Visiting Vancouver in March is a great bargain, especially for winter sports enthusiasts who want to get in a few last runs on the slopes. Hotel rates this time of year are rock bottom, so it is possible to make Vancouver your home base and get in some skiing and snowboarding on Grouse Mountain or plan a day trip to the slopes in Whistler, located 75 miles north.

Vancouver is an outdoor lover's destination, not just for those who love the snow. The benefit of visiting in March, besides the deep discounts in rates, is that temperatures average 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can get out and enjoy Vancouver's Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park. With the magnificent Grouse Mountain overlooking the city, you can ski one of the 33 slopes or hit the two-mile Grouse Grind trail with more than 2,800 stairs.

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10. Bariloche, Argentina

Nahuel Huapi National Park

For a cheap South American spring getaway, you cannot beat Bariloche, Argentina in March. This is the shoulder season in the region, so hotel rates will be at a low point compared to the more popular travel season in the summer and winter. This is a great location to book as a side visit to Buenos Aires, or make this your home base and plan your trip the other way around to take advantage of the deep discounts. You can take a two-hour plane ride between the cities.

There are lots of outdoor experiences in Bariloche, from kayaking and mountain biking to hiking and skiing. The Nahuel Huapi National Park is a must-see during your visit to Bariloche. An excursion to Circuito Chico panoramic lookout or a kayak trip are other nice ways to experience the region. In the mid and low seasons, which include March, you can negotiate rates for excursion tickets to save you even more on your trip.

11. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo with Mt. Fuji in the distance

Skip the peak summer tourist season in Tokyo, Japan and save money while soaking in the stunning cherry blossoms in spring. March is one of the most affordable times to visit Tokyo before the hotel rates and humidity start to go up after April. This time of year you will not have to worry about the long lines at attractions and packed subway trains, although Tokyo is a naturally crowded city of 13 million on any given day without the tourists.

When you visit Tokyo, it is a city that is constantly alive day and night with an eclectic mix of futuristic technology all around and stunning gardens. You will enjoy learning about Japan's history at the Tokyo National Museum, the local temples, Imperial Palace, and the major shopping and entertainment areas like Odaiba on Tokyo Bay.

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12. Zurich, Switzerland


While March may not be the best time to visit Zurich, Switzerland because of the cooler temperatures, it is one of the most affordable months to go if you are traveling on a tight budget. Some hotel rates stay relatively high in Zurich most of the year, from the tourist season in the summer and through the off-season in the winter months, but you can still find deals in this small window. It is a prime location for skiers who want to base themselves in Zurich and traverse the Swiss Alps.

If you do not mind packing a jacket for the average 46-degree-Fahrenheit temperatures then the discounted rates on lodging will be worth it. There is plenty of sightseeing to do in Zurich, like visiting the historic architecture in the Old Town area and browsing some of the dozens of art galleries. You can walk much of the city to get to museums like the Swiss National Museum and go into the many boutique shops on the streets of Bahnhofstrasse.

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