England in Pictures: 20 Beautiful Places to Photograph

Written by Bryan Dearsley
Feb 8, 2020

Think of England, and you'll no doubt conjure up images of centuries-old castles and palaces, quaint little villages, as well as that pleasant-to-look-at rolling countryside. Long one of Europe's top vacation destinations, this tiny island nation offers visitors no end of superb attractions and fun things to do - all of them camera-worthy.

To help you get the most out of your England travel itinerary, we've pulled together a great list of the top 20 most beautiful places to photograph around the country. While no means exhaustive - there are countess more destinations and locations where you can snap a great selfie or memorable vacation photo - we're confident our list will ensure you capture the cream of the crop.

1. York, North Yorkshire

York Minster in York, England

The cathedral city of York in North Yorkshire offers no end of superb photo opportunities. Highlights include the majestic York Minster, one of Europe's largest medieval churches (especially attractive as the sun sets); the Shambles, a series of laneways and streets famous for their old homes and shops; and the city's magnificent old walls, still intact and fun to explore on foot.

2. Yorkshire Dales National Park

Lone tree in Yorkshire Dales National Park

An easy hour drive east of York, beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park is the quintessential English landscape. A mix of windswept moors, lush green valleys, rolling hills, and quaint little villages, this stretch of countryside inspires photographers today the way it once inspired the country's greatest writers.

3. Windermere, Lake District

View over Windermere at sunset

Considered one of the most scenic views in England, the vistas over lake Windermere have been attracting artists, writers, and tourists for decades. Sunrise or sunset, head for any of the many trails that circumvent this beautiful body of water, and click away.

4. London

Tower Bridge over the Thames

Despite its immense size and often huge crowds of tourists, it's surprisingly easy to find a quiet spot to photograph London's best known landmarks. This photo of Tower Bridge, for example, was taken from Butler Wharf on the south bank of the Thames, an area of restored old warehouses and wharves that offers many great views over the city.

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5. Bibury, The Cotswolds

The beautiful Cotswold village of Bibury

Another great place to capture a photo of classic English countryside is in the Cotswolds. Villages like Bibury in Gloucestershire, seen here, are a delight to explore and make for a wonderful weekend break. They offer a glimpse of what traditional country life must have been like in the old days, and often still is.

6. Oxford, Oxfordshire

The Bridge of Sighs in Oxford

Famous as a place of learning since medieval times, the lovely city of Oxford is easy to explore on foot. With camera (or phone) at the ready, just wander, and you'll stumble across picture-perfect scenes such as this one of the famous Hertford Bridge, aka "the Bridge of Sighs."

7. St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall

St. Michael's Mount

England's westernmost county, Cornwall, boasts no end of remarkable vistas to photograph. A favorite is the incredible St. Michael's Mount (population: 35), a tiny island accessible from the mainland at low tide via an old stone cart path.

8. Land's End, Cornwall

Land's End in Cornwall

Just 30 minutes farther west of St. Michael's Mount, and you'll find yourself in Land's End, England's most westerly point. Here, the sea has done its utmost to shape the rugged coastline into a veritable smorgasbord of potential photos, especially around the famous Enys Dodnan Arch and Armed Knight rock formations.

9. Seven Sisters Country Park, East Sussex

Seven Sisters Country Park

Some of the best views over the English Channel can be enjoyed in and around the attractive seaside town of Eastbourne in East Sussex. From here, you can easily access Seven Sisters Country Park, famous for its (you guessed it) seven white cliffs and beautiful coastal vistas.

10. Corfe Castle, Dorset

Corfe Castle

One of the most dramatic - and photogenic - scenes in all of England can be found in the charming old village of Corfe Castle. Named after the 9th-century castle that overlooks the village, this popular tourist attraction also offers fantastic views over the surrounding Dorset countryside.

11. Durham, County Durham


The charming city of Durham is home to a large number of historic buildings that are protected under its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After exploring the old medieval city center, head down to the banks of the River Wear and take a photo of the famous Framwellgate Bridge. With the castle and cathedral towering behind, it's simply breathtaking.

12. Peak District National Park

Sunrise over Mam Tor in the Peak District

A short distance from the industrial city of Manchester is an area of outstanding natural beauty known as the Peak District. Now a national park, the region is all too often overlooked by tourists - which is a shame, as this easy-to-get-to destination offers no end of opportunities for those with a keen eye for a good photograph, such as this spectacular sunrise over Mam Tor.

13. Shaftesbury, Dorset

Shaftesbury, Dorset

One of the most photographed villages in England, Shaftesbury is famous for its steep streets lined with old homes, many with traditional thatched roofs. The best photos can be had at the top of Gold Hill, especially if you frame the lush green fields that surround the village in your shot.

14. Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland

Built to keep the Scots out of England, the Roman-era Hadrian's Wall makes for a very dramatic photo. While there's no shortage of great vantage points to consider, one of the best can be found at Caw Gap in Northumberland National Park.

15. Stonehenge, Wiltshire


England's oldest heritage site, Stonehenge, has been a destination for travelers since it was erected more than 5,000 years ago. While you can no longer get too close to these massive rocks, you can get close enough to take a great photograph. (Editor's Note: Book your admission ticket well in advance to avoid disappointment.)

16. Bath, Somerset

The Royal Crescent, Bath

Bath's Royal Crescent is another much photographed street in England. While this beautiful city in Somerset can trace its history back to Roman times, it's the city's remarkably well-preserved Georgian architecture that most pleases the eye.

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17. Dover, Kent

Dover Castle, Kent

While famous for its dramatic white cliffs - seen from as far away as France on a clear day - Dover is also well known for its castle. For the best views of Dover Castle, follow any of the many trails that wind around the surrounding fields, or find someone with a tour boat.

18. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Punts on the River Cam in Cambridge

England's other seat of higher learning, Cambridge, is also worth visiting. Here, you'll enjoy no end of great photo ops, with one of the best being from Clare Bridge. As in this photo, you'll see visitors being "punted" along the River Cam.

19. Bournemouth, Dorset

Bournemouth Pier at sunrise

Widely regarded as England's poshest seaside town, beautiful Bournemouth in Dorset offers plenty of fun things to do. Those in the know will get up early to catch a glimpse (and a photo) of Bournemouth Pier at sunrise and then enjoy a quiet stroll along the beach before the crowds arrive.

20. Bamburgh Beach & Castle, Northumberland

Bamburgh Beach & Castle

Speaking of English beaches, check out this incredible photograph of Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland. You'll no doubt agree, it's the addition of the 7th-century Bamburgh Castle that really makes this photograph so incredible.

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