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Diana Bocco in Prague | Photo Copyright; Lyvia Ray
Diana Bocco is a full-time writer, photographer and avid adventurer. She's traveled extensively around the world and has lived in Argentina, New York City, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam. She currently calls Prague home, but the roads are calling her name again, so there might be another move in her near future.

Diana has gone snowshoeing in Siberia, jungle trekking in Thailand, and canoeing in the Mekong River. She also loves caves (bats and all) and has been known to get lost in one or five around the world. Diana spends the colder months exploring the outdoors with her winter-loving dogs as much as possible, and the summer months escaping to lakeside and mountain locations, dogs also in tow.

Diana's work has been published on the Discovery Channel website, Yahoo!, Popular Mechanics, Marie Claire magazine, and more. She's also authored the 48 Hours in Prague guidebook for National Geographic, as well as a number of other books. You can see more of her work on her website at www.dianabocco.com

2019 Travels & Articles:

Vietnam | Photo Copyright: Diana Bocco

Thailand and Vietnam: I spent five years living in Thailand and Vietnam and used that time to travel throughout Southeast Asia and discover Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and more. And while Southeast Asia might be most famous for its white sandy beaches, the majestic mountains, ancient temples, and thick lush jungle are just as impressive.

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Prague, Czech Republic:

After some time living in the tropics, it was time to go back to fairytale snowy winters, so I'm now living in Prague, the best home base to explore Europe because of its central location and great transport connections. Prague has given me the chance to do more of what I love: explore historical destinations and hike lots of mountains and national parks with my dogs.

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In 2019, I traveled around Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. Articles on many of these destinations coming up soon.

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Travels for 2020:

Though I've traveled a lot around Europe, there's still a lot to see. Iceland and the Northern Lights are in the works for next year, and so is more of Eastern Europe, including Romania and Poland. As always, there will be national parks to visit and mountains to explore –but also some unexpected destinations, a few castles, and even a few food tours.