From Prague to Berlin: 5 Best Ways to Get There

Written by Diana Bocco
Updated May 11, 2023
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Germany's capital is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Whether you're traveling there as a short detour or as your next destination, Berlin has much to offer. Reminders of its turbulent history are everywhere, but Berlin is also a vibrant city full of cultural attractions, gorgeous sights, and cutting-edge architecture.

In addition to famous places to visit, such as The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin is also one of the most culturally rich destinations in Europe, home to fascinating galleries and museums such as the famous Pergamon Museum.

The driving distance from Prague to Berlin is approximately 350 kilometers, which translates to about four hours by either bus or train. But whether you hop on a train for the views of a lifetime or pick a direct taxi transfer to get you there faster, you have a lot of options to get from Prague to Berlin.

1. From Prague to Berlin by Train

Train in Berlin with the Oberbaum Bridge in the background
Train in Berlin with the Oberbaum Bridge in the background

Highlights: Swift travel with stunning landscape views

Direct Prague to Berlin trains leave from Praha hlavni nadrazi (central station) every two hours until mid-afternoon. Evening trains are also available but require a transfer or two, making the usual four-hour ride a bit longer and not as convenient.

Early morning tickets are the cheapest. Tickets are also cheaper when you buy them online from the Czech Railways website well in advance-the same ticket bought a month before you travel can cost 20-40 percent less than one bought the day before your trip.

The trains are comfortable, are equipped with AC and wireless internet, and have a restaurant car. They also offer amazing views along the way-including the rolling hills of the Elbe Valley, seemingly endless forests, sandstone hills, and stunning castle ruins.

Second-class train seats are available either in a private four- or six-person cabin or in an open-space carriage. Both cost the same, but private cabins might be a better choice if you're traveling with a group or a dog because of the extra space. First-class carriages are similar except the seats are nicer and can recline, and you have more legroom.

2. From Prague to Berlin by Bus

The Victory Column at Tiergarten, Berlin
The Victory Column at Tiergarten, Berlin

Highlights: Uncomplicated and direct with numerous carrier choices

There are three major bus companies making the trip from Prague to Berlin: Eurolines, Regio Jet, and Flixbus - all of them leaving from Prague's Florenc bus station. All cost about the same and offer similar services (free Wi-Fi, power outlets, AC, and an onboard entertainment system), although Regio Jet buses seem to be slightly newer and offer an on-time arrival guarantee (if the bus is significantly delayed, you get a partial refund of your ticket).

The trip takes four hours, but traffic delays are likely during the mid-morning and evening-if you're on a schedule, early morning buses are better and can be caught as early as 1am. Ticket prices depend on how far in advance you buy the ticket and what time of the day you're traveling. Buses drop you off at the Central Bus Station ZOB Berlin near Funkturm or Berlin Alexanderplatz. From there, it's just a few minutes on the S-Bahn train to reach the city center.

3. From Prague to Berlin by Sightseeing Tour

Zwinger Palace in Dresden
Zwinger Palace in Dresden

Highlights: Comfortable scenic sightseeing travel with visits to top attractions

For a chance to transform your journey into an unforgettable road trip, try a Prague-Berlin One-Way Sightseeing Day Tour leaving from the heart of Prague at 9am. Rather than going straight from hotel to hotel, this 10-hour small-group tour brings you through picturesque towns to the breathtaking nature of Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Stop by to explore Moritzburg Palace, which lies on its own symmetrical artificial island. Then continue on to Dresden, where you get free time for lunch and to visit the extravagant Zwinger Palace, one of the most magnificent Baroque constructions in Germany.

Your English-speaking guide will share amazing details about the history and the people of both countries on your way to your final destination in Berlin's city center. There's enough room for luggage, and the vehicles are air-conditioned for comfort.

4. From Prague to Berlin by Private Taxi

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Highlights: Customized and hassle-free expediency

If your goal is to get to Berlin as quickly and comfortably as possible, you might want to consider a door-to-door Private Transfer from Prague to Berlin. A private transfer service includes pickup from your hotel (at your chosen time) by an experienced local driver, who will then take you directly to your destination in Berlin. If you choose to travel directly with no stops, you'll get to Berlin in three hours, faster than you would by bus or train.

A direct transfer means not worrying about coordinating public transportation or carrying your own luggage. Want to stop for lunch? The driver can accommodate breaks and might even be able to suggest a good place to eat along the way. The air-conditioned, comfortable vehicles come with enough space to carry your suitcases to your destination.

5. From Prague to Berlin by Plane

Aerial view of Berlin
Aerial view of Berlin

Highlights: Day-tripping options in beautiful Vienna or Munich

There are no direct flights between Prague and Berlin, so any flight you board will require a change in Vienna or Munich. This means that you'll end up flying a total of about three hours-when you add airport waiting times, it would actually take longer to fly between the two cities than it would take you to drive or take a train to Berlin.

Flying makes sense if you choose a longer stopover in the connecting city and use that time for some exploring. Vienna is famous for being Mozart's home base for much of his life, and Munich has some of the most impressive Baroque and Rococo architecture you'll find in Germany. Book a flight with a layover of five to six hours, and you can dash into the city for a quick self-guided tour of the most impressive sights.

Low-cost and smaller airlines fly into Schönefeld airport in Berlin, from where you can then catch the airport express train into the city center.

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