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Scotland is a country with its own unique identity. From the castles and historic cities, lakes and Highlands, to bagpipes and kilts, Scotland means something different to each visitor, and travel experiences here can be as varied as the landscape. While there is much to see throughout the land, the capital city of Edinburgh, steeped in history, is a good place to start. Glasgow, by contrast, is a more modern city and a great place to enjoy the moment. Away from the cities there are also plenty of remote places to explore and lose one's self in the countryside.

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Edinburgh's location and lovely old architecture make this one of Great Britain's most attractive cities and a prime destination in Scotland. The hilltop Edinburgh Castle which dominates the cityscape is perhaps what most people think of when they picture this city. The Old Town, surrounding the castle is home to narrow streets and many of the main attractions. From the castle the Royal Mile, lined with old town houses and interesting shops, leads to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The New Town, with wide avenues and large open squares is considered a masterpiece of Georgian town planning. The principle sites in this area include the Royal Botanical Garden, National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, and the National Gallery of Scotland.

Glasgow, the country's largest city, has a lively atmosphere and a strong entertainment scene, known particularly for live music. It also has a vibrant arts community and is home to the Glasgow School of Arts and several important art galleries, including the Kelvingove Museum and Art Gallery, and the Burrell Collection, among others.

In the surrounding area there are a number of interesting sights which can be visited on a day trip from Glasgow or independently for longer stays. Chief among these are Loch Lomond, the largest lake in Britain, which can be appreciated on a boat tour or on one of the foot trails in the area. Stirling Castle, perched on a crag high above the town of Stirling, located northeast of Glasgow is also a sight to behold in the countryside.

For those looking to venture further afield and immerse themselves in some classic Scottish landscape, head out on a walk through the Highlands, or escape to the Hebrides. Spend time in Inverness to see the famous Inverness Castle and learn about the history of the area at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. In the Hebrides, explore the dramatic scenery of the Isle of Mull or the even more remote island of Staffa. On a final note, golfers won't want to miss St Andrews to play the famous Old Course and stop by the British Golf Museum.

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