9 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Delaware

1 Hagley Museum and Library

Hagley Museum and Library
Hagley Museum and Library Ron Cogswell / photo modified

The Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington encompasses the site of the original du Pont gunpowder mills, as well as an estate and gardens. The first du Pont family home, Eleutherian Mills, built by E. I. du Pont in 1803 is located on the grounds. The restored French-style garden created by E. I. du Pont adjoins the home. The library contains collections related to business and technology, ranging from historical papers from the 18th century right up to modern times. In the Barn is a collection of antique vehicles.

Address: 200 Hagley Road, Wilmington

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2 Nemours Mansion and Gardens

Nemours Mansion and Gardens
Nemours Mansion and Gardens Esther Westerveld / photo modified

Built in the early 1900s, Nemours Mansion in Wilmington was a gift from Alfred du Pont to his wife Alicia. This beautiful home is complemented by equally impressive gardens and grounds. The mansion underwent major restoration work between 2005 and 2008. The home and gardens are open to the public for tours.

Address: 1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington

3 Delaware Art Museum

Delaware Art Museum
Delaware Art Museum Jeffrey / photo modified

Located in Wilmington, the Delaware Art Museum's collection focuses on American Art of the 19th through the 21st centuries and English Pre-Raphaelite art of the mid-19th century. Special collections at the Delaware Art Museum include drawings and paintings from the Howard Pyle collection, posters from American poster designers, and jewelry and metalwork made by English craftsmen in the Arts and Crafts style.

Address: 2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington

Official site: http://www.delart.org/

4 Grand Opera House

Grand Opera House
Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House is located Wilmington, in a restored 1871 Victorian theater with a cast-iron facade. Over the years the Grand has hosted Victorian melodramas, burlesque, vaudeville, variety shows, musical recitals, symphonies and operas. Classical concerts and dance are the focus of today, and other entertainment opportunities are presented year-round.

Address: 818 North Market Street, Wilmington

5 Air Mobility Command Museum

Air Mobility Command Museum
Air Mobility Command Museum -Jeffrey- / photo modified

The Air Mobility Command Museum is home to vintage planes dating to 1941 and artifacts that reflect airlifting, air refueling, and the history of the Dover Air Force Base. On display are a number of large aircraft, including a C-141B Starlifter, C133 Cargomaster, C130 Hercules, and a C-124 Globemaster, among others.

Address: 1301 Heritage Road, Dover

Official site: http://amcmuseum.org/

6 Delaware's Old State House

Delaware's Old State House
Delaware's Old State House Jeffrey / photo modified

The Delaware State House in Dover was completed in 1792. The Georgian style State House contains the Governor's presentation and ceremonial office as well as the 18th century courtroom and legislative chambers on the first floor. Building artifacts, historical photographs and documents are on display.

Address: 25 The Green, Dover

7 John Dickinson Plantation

John Dickinson Plantation
John Dickinson Plantation lifeontheedges / photo modified

John Dickinson was known as the "Penman of the American Revolution" and he was attributed with drafting the Articles of Confederation in 1778. His 1740s brick house, outbuildings, and slave/tenant house in Dover are part of the farm complex.

Address: 340 Kitts Hummock Road, Dover

8 Brandywine Creek State Park

Brandywine Creek State Park
Brandywine Creek State Park OWENthatsmyname / photo modified

Brandywine Creek State Park encompasses 933 acres and is an important area for birds and other wildlife. The park features walking trails, a playground, the Brandywine Zoo, and numerous other attractions. The zoo specializes in North and South America endangered species.

Brandywine is ideal for visually-impaired visitors who can enjoy nature by walking the Sensory Trail.

9 The Nanticoke Indian Museum

The Nanticoke Indian Museum, located in Millsboro, is housed in a former one-room school house and is listed as a National Historic Landmark. On display are a variety of native artifacts, from pottery to arrowheads, spears, and textiles, with some items dating back to 8000 BC. Of particular note is a traditional wooden canoe. The museum offers a fine overview and is a great place to learn about the heritage of the Nanticoke Tribe.

Address: 27073 John J. Williams Hwy., Millsboro

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