15 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Sacramento, CA

Written by Brad Lane
Updated Dec 25, 2023
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Author Brad Lane has enjoyed several trips to Sacramento while on assignment for PlanetWare.

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is a storied city with a long history and several visitor attractions. It's about 93 miles northeast of San Francisco within the Central Valley of California. Notably, the city sits at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers. This region boasts sunny days throughout the year with hot and dry temperatures throughout the summer.

California State Capitol in Sacramento
California State Capitol in Sacramento | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

The city's history is readily on display at places like Old Sacramento, near the waterfront. This historic district dates back to the mid-1800s and the California Gold Rush. Several buildings still stand from this era, offering an immersive world to walk through. Today, modern establishments occupy these old storefronts, including some of Sacramento's best museums.

Much of Sacramento's appeal extends beyond its historical attractions. This modern seat of state government touches upon several aspects of fun things to do. From fashionable neighborhoods to airy city parks and miles-long bike trails, the city offers several places to visit for enjoying its nice weather.

The best time to visit is generally between spring and fall. This is a great time of year weather-wise and is also when the city hosts some of its most prominent festivals and events.

Find the best things to see and do in this city with our list of the top tourist attractions in Sacramento.

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1. California State Railroad Museum

Exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum
Exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Massive indoor museum housing trains and immersive exhibits

With more than 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, the California State Railroad Museum is among the world's largest railway museums. Located in Old Sacramento, this museum is one of the premier attractions in the city.

It houses restored steam locomotives and railway coaches dating from 1862 to 1944. Almost all the wagons can be viewed inside. Some cars are furnished, complete with dining place settings, which show the level of comfort once offered on the trains. You can walk through a sleeper car as well.

Exhibits focus on railroad history and other related topics. A few prominent displays touch upon the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad and the role early immigrants had in laying the first tracks. More broadly, the museum showcases the ways the railroad industry influenced California history.

California State Railroad Museum
California State Railroad Museum | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Families with children will appreciate the Kids' Corner educational programs and All Aboard for Story Time book readings. Other educational programs include a Junior Engineer program for children ages 7-12.

During the summer months, the California State Railroad Museum operates trains along the Sacramento River. Riding aboard a historic steam locomotive or a vintage diesel train is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit.

Address: Second Street and I Street, Sacramento, California

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2. State Capitol

State Capitol building
State Capitol building

Highlights: Center of state government with parkland and free self-guided tours

One of the top places to visit in Sacramento is the California State Capitol building. This structure is an excellent example of Neoclassical architecture and was built in the 1860s. It underwent significant restoration in the 1970s, updating the Capitol to modern building code and preserving some of the most historic rooms.

Today, the California State Capitol is the center of state government and also operates as the California State Capitol Museum. The public is welcome to tour the historic halls throughout the week. A few of the preserved rooms in the museum include the governor's main office and the 1906 treasurer's office. Other historic attractions include portraits and various other artworks, as well as antiques.

Capitol Park
Capitol Park | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

The Capitol building itself is an eye-catching attraction. But the adjacent colorful gardens extending several blocks, comprising Capitol Park, make it the most beautiful among Capitol complexes in the United States. Tall palms and numerous other species of trees and plants line the pathways, and several monuments stand out against the foliage.

Since December 1988 a bronze group sculpture, the Vietnam War Memorial, has stood in the northeast part of Capitol Park (L and 15th Street); its construction was entirely funded by donations, and it commemorates those who sacrificed their lives in the longest war involving the USA.

Address: 1315 10th Street, Sacramento, California

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3. Crocker Museum of Art

Crocker Museum of Art
Crocker Museum of Art | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlight: Victorian mansion turned art museum displaying Californian and European art

The Crocker Art Museum holds an impressive collection of California art from the Gold Rush era until the present, as well as European paintings and drawings and American photography.

The original collection, which still forms the backbone of the museum, was donated by Margaret Crocker. This private collection was assembled by Judge Edwin B. Crocker from 1868 to 1872. The museum's main building is a grand Italianate Victorian-era mansion, a California Historical Landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition to the Victorian house, the Crocker Museum of Art displays some of its collection in the contemporary Teel Family Pavilion, which opened in 2010 and tripled the original museum's size.

The California art collection represents works created from 1860 to the present, while the assortment of European art includes 17th-century Dutch and Flemish artwork, Italian Baroque paintings, and 19th-century Central European pieces. The museum's photography collection boasts stunning images by Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, among other American photographers.

For children (age five and under) the museum's Tot Land area is a delightful space devoted to playful activities and hands-on creative installations. The museum also offers Art Camp classes for children and painting classes for adults.

During summertime, the museum hosts music concerts and a film series; movies are shown in the outdoor courtyard.

Address: 216 O Street (Between 2nd and 3rd Streets), Sacramento, California

4. Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Landmark part of town with museums, shopping, restaurants, and hotels

Old Sacramento covers eight blocks (28 acres) of historic buildings along the city's waterfront, designated as a National Historic Landmark. Some of the Gold Rush-era structures are now part of the Old Sacramento State Historic Park, including the Eagle Theater built in 1849, the B. F. Hastings Building (circa 1853), and the Big Four Building dating to 1855.

Old Sacramento includes more than 50 historic buildings, mostly from the 1850s, which represent the city's original commercial district, an area that once thrived thanks to the commerce propelled by the Pony Express and the transcontinental railroad.

The buildings are still occupied by over 125 locally owned shops, restaurants, hotels, and museums, which makes the area appealing for tourists. Expect crowds of people filling these historic streets, window shopping, and being guided by the senses. It's a fun area to wander and soak in the history of the area.

Shops in Old Sacramento
Shops in Old Sacramento | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Fun things to do in Old Sacramento include taking a jaunt in a horse-drawn carriage, boarding a riverboat excursion, or climbing aboard a vintage locomotive for a railroad ride. And the California State Railroad Museum and Sacramento History Museum are nearly neighbors in Old Town, each offering a first-class museum experience.

Originally, this area was seen as a great commercial center for the new city in the mid-19th century. However, floods proved to be a serious problem, and the city was raised by adding earth to this low-lying area. Eventually, the focus of the city center shifted, and this area had become an impoverished red light district. In the 1960s, the area underwent redevelopment, which led to the creation of what can be seen here today.

5. Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Historic park at the center of town, popular for self-guided tours and school visits

Sutter's Fort Museum stands on what was once the site of the first outpost of the white man in California, set up by the German-Swiss immigrant Johann August Sutter in 1839. The adobe house built in the same year has been restored in the original style, and houses relics of the pioneering and gold-rush period.

Today, the replica fort surrounding the adobe house sits near the center of the city in Midtown, approximately 1.5 miles east of the State Capitol. Visitors pay a small fee to enter the state historic park and start touring the display rooms. Rangers set up next to several of these displays, offering additional information about the exhibit.

Of note are items related to the town's founder, whose estates reached as far as the other side of the American River near Coloma. After gold was discovered, Sutter was literally overrun by gold-seekers, to such an extent that he was forced to flee.

Address: 2701 L Street (Between K and L Streets and 26th and 28th Streets), Sacramento, California

6. California Automobile Museum

California Automobile Museum
California Automobile Museum | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Vast collection of antique and vintage automobiles under one roof

The California Automobile Museum displays a collection of more than 120 vintage automobiles dating from 1885 to current times. The museum has an extensive collection of Ford cars, with models from 1904 to 1969. The extensive assortment of classic and modern vehicles on display shows the development of American automobiles over the past 130 years.

Special exhibits presented throughout the year focus on various themes, such as California car culture, pickup trucks, camping, and road trips. Visitors can also participate in the museum's lively events, including a summer series of Drive-in Movie Nights. The museum also offers Sunday Drives on the third Sunday of each month.

Address: 2200 Front Street (at the corner of V Street), Sacramento, California

7. Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town
Fairytale Town| Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

Highlights: Family-favorite theme park with gardens, playgrounds, and puppet shows

A popular recreational destination for families with young children, Fairytale Town is a storybook-theme park with 25 play sets based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes such as Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, and Peter Rabbit.

The park also has gentle farm animals, which children can visit. Eeyore the miniature Sicilian donkey (a character in Winnie the Pooh) and Maddie "the Cow that Jumped over the Moon" are among the favorites.

Other highlights of FairyTale Town include the learning gardens, puppet shows, music performances, and the collection of 20 "magic story boxes" that tell stories through narration and songs.

Address: 3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, California

8. Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo
Sacramento Zoo

Highlights: Hundreds of animals and several learning opportunities within Land Park

Animal lovers will enjoy visiting the Sacramento Zoo, home to more than 500 exotic animals, from aardvarks and African lions to giraffes and jaguars, as well as more than 200 reptiles. A few other favorite residents include red pandas, snow leopards, and various primates like chimpanzees and orangutans.

The 14-acre zoo also has 14 different aviaries, which provide shelter to 35 species of birds. Many of the zoo's animals are rare and endangered. As a way to support wildlife protection, the zoo is involved in local and international conservation projects.

Plan some of the day to enjoy the surrounding William Land Park, better known as Land Park. Alongside the zoo, it's home to Fairytale Land and extensive parkland. The park's several paved and dirt trails are a pedestrian favorite, passing by scenic landscape features like ponds and gardens.

Address: 3930 West Land Park Drive, Sacramento, California

9. California State Indian Museum State Historic Park

California State Indian Museum
California State Indian Museum | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Fascinating museum filled with artifacts, near Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

To understand the history of California, a good way to start is by learning about the original inhabitants: Native Americans. The California State Indian Museum State Historic Park gives visitors an in-depth view of the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people who have lived on the land that's now California for thousands of years.

The museum illustrates Native American life by presenting three distinct themes: Family, Nature, and Spirit. The exhibits feature items used in everyday life and for specific occasions, including a redwood canoe, ceremonial objects, and hunting and fishing tools, some of which date back 2,400 years. Photographs and educational content help provide deeper insights into the culture.

California State Indian Museum State Historic Park
California State Indian Museum State Historic Park

Note the Indian basket collection, a superb assortment of more than 3,000 woven items, from decorative bowls to burden baskets for carrying heavy loads, cooking baskets designed to steam food, and watertight baskets for preparing acorn soup.

You can also take part in the museum's hands-on activities such as creating shell beads and using a mortar and pestle to grind acorns.

The museum store sells jewelry, baskets, and other handicrafts made by the local Native American community.

Address: 2618 K Street, Sacramento, California

10. Midtown

Midtown | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Bustling neighborhood with art galleries, theaters, shopping, and dining

Midtown is a vibrant and bustling area of the city at the heart of Sacramento's urban center, located between 16th and 29th Streets and between E and R Streets. The top tourist attraction within Midtown is Sutter's Fort State Historic Park.

Midtown is also the place to go for shopping, art gallery hopping, theater and dance performances, comedy shows, and gourmet dining at trendy restaurants. It's a fun area to wander day and night, with entertainment stemming from every street corner.

Many of the art galleries participate in Second Saturdays and host free receptions on every second Saturday of the month from 6pm to 9pm.

Among locals, a popular event is the Midtown Farmers Market, which brings together more than 50 farmers and other vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and food products. The farmers market features chef demonstrations on a monthly basis and craft vendor stalls on the second Saturday of the month.

11. American River Bike Trail/Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

American River Bike Trail
American River Bike Trail

Highlights: long-distance bicycle trail popular for all types of non-motorized travel

Part of Sacramento County's American River Parkway Regional Park, the American River Trail is a well-maintained paved path, which winds through a pleasant natural environment, lined by shady oak trees. It's also one of the more popular walking and hiking trails in the Sacramento area.

The 32-mile trail parallels the American River, starting in the city of Folsom and ending up in Old Sacramento. Access to the park is available from Discovery Park, Howe River Access nature preserve, Paradise Beach recreation area, and River Bend Park.

The trail is designed for cycling, jogging, walking, and horseback riding. The park also allows fishing and picnicking. Another name for the trail is the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, a tribute to the first American explorer to arrive in California.

12. McKinley Park

McKinley Park
McKinley Park | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Bustling public park with a rose garden, swimming pool, and community center

McKinley Park, on the west edge of East Sacramento, is one of Sacramento's busiest parks. But with over 30 acres of open space, it's rarely a crowded place to visit. Throughout this ample parkland that dates back to the 1870s, several park amenities lend to frequent day trips.

Sports facilities are abundant at McKinley Park. Alongside basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, the park also has softball and soccer fields. Horseshoe pits are also available. And during the extended summer months, the swimming and wading pool at McKinley is a hot spot to cool off.

Other amenities at the park include a library and community center. The landscape nature is another reason to visit. Paths wind around and throughout the open space, passing by palm trees and ponds.

For flower enthusiasts, spend some time at the Fredrick N. Evans Memorial Rose Garden.

Address: 601 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, California

13. California Museum

California Museum
California Museum | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Two floors of exhibits relating important eras and moments in California history

For residents and visitors alike, the downtown California Museum is worth a visit. This non-profit facility shares the story of past pioneers and innovators that shaped the Golden State. Exhibits on display cover early immigrants that built the railroads and intrepid women whose California legacies last today.

The California Hall of Fame is a signature exhibit on the first floor of the museum. Several familiar names adorn this tribute to current and past residents, including the likes of Walt Disney, Willy Mays, and Dr. Maya Angelou. Placards beneath each inductee offer extra insight into the lives of these California all-stars.

Other topics at the museum include the California Gold Rush, the internment of American citizens during World War II, and the history of California missions. Expect to spend approximately half the day wandering the two floors of exhibits.

Address: 1020 O Street, Sacramento, California

14. Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlight: Guided tour of an opulent mansion that's now used to house foreign dignitaries

Recently renovated to the tune of 22 million dollars, this stunning mansion will not fail to impress you. Considered an exceptional example of Victorian-era architecture, the 19,000-square-foot building features 17-foot ceilings and ornate woodwork, and is furnished with period pieces.

The mansion is located right downtown, and the juxtaposition of this ornately decorated building set against the modern glass buildings is stunning. Its location also makes it an easy piece of architecture to espy, two blocks southwest of the State Capitol.

Tours are available most days but may be canceled on occasion, as the building is also used for state functions and to host international dignitaries. Tours are free and last approximately 30 minutes. Narration along the way dives into the stately history of the mansion.

15. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

Highlights: Architecturally impressive cathedral downtown with services every day.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament has been a spiritual center in Sacramento since 1889. Fitting for a California architectural landmark, the cathedral's multi-towered facade is reminiscent of a Spanish colonial church.

The exquisite Neoclassical interior reveals an inspiring domed ceiling and decorative details. Colorful stained-glass windows illuminate the sanctuary, imparting an ethereal glow.

The cathedral offers Eucharist celebrations (Mass) every day and also provides ceremonies for baptisms, weddings, and other occasions. The museum is downtown, less than two blocks from the State Capitol.

Address: 1017 11th Street, Sacramento, California

Where to Stay in Sacramento for Sightseeing

Tourists who want to see the top attractions of Sacramento should stay in the city center, near the State Capitol or Old Sacramento. From here, other prime attractions are close by, including the California State Railway Museum, Governor's Mansion State Historic Park, and Crocker Art Museum. Here are some highly-rated hotels in these convenient locations:

Luxury Hotels:

  • Across the street from the State Capitol, the Hyatt Regency Sacramento is one of the city's most popular hotels, with a wellness spa, outdoor pool with cabanas, and hot tub.
  • Those who prefer boutique accommodation will appreciate The Citizen Hotel, Autograph Collection in an elegant building from the early 1900s. Every room is different, and the hotel is also home to the renowned farm-to-fork Grange Restaurant.
  • Opposite the Convention Center and only a block from the State Capitol, the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, with a fitness center and heated outdoor pool, is another popular upscale option.

Mid-Range Hotels:

Budget Hotels:

Sacramento, CA - Climate Chart

Average minimum and maximum temperatures for Sacramento, CA in °C
13 5 17 7 19 8 23 10 28 12 32 14 34 16 34 16 32 15 26 12 18 8 13 4
Average monthly precipitation totals for Sacramento, CA in mm.
106 96 80 30 15 5 1 1 9 25 66 70
Average minimum and maximum temperatures for Sacramento, CA in °F
55 41 62 45 67 47 74 50 82 54 89 58 94 61 93 61 89 59 79 54 64 46 55 40
Average monthly precipitation totals for Sacramento, CA in inches.
4.2 3.8 3.2 1.2 0.6 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.4 1.0 2.6 2.8

The best time to visit Sacramento is the shoulder seasons, including April, May, and June, and September and October. These months receive generous warm weather and long days, and avoid the extreme heat of the summer in California's Central Valley. These months, especially April and October, also offer more affordable times to travel.

These shoulder seasons also tend to stay dry in Sacramento. Rain moves into the forecast by the end of October, typically, and remains until March. Autumn strikes at some of the trees through October, but March into April is the most colorful time of year, as the city's many rose gardens spring to life.

Despite the heat, the summer is still one of the most popular times to visit Sacramento. Averages are in the low 90s Fahrenheit this time of year. Plan on enjoying outdoor activities in the morning or evening this time of year, and perhaps find refuge at one of Sacramento's many air-conditioned museums during the day.

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