11 Top-Rated Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

Written by Shandley McMurray
Updated Jan 16, 2021

Craving an adventure but can't bear to leave Fido and Fluffy behind? Finding a hotel that accepts your pet can be even more difficult than preventing him (or her) from chasing squirrels.

While some chains have an open-paw policy, meaning they welcome all types of animals (i.e. furry or scaly), others may only allow one "well-behaved" dog to share your room.

Unfortunately, finding the hotel's pet policy can be a challenge. Often, your best bet is to call the location and find out exactly what they offer, how much they charge for a pet, and what types of animals (if any) are welcome.

To ease your search, we've done some digging to find out which hotels will welcome your furry family members. Whether you're craving all out luxury or prefer a perk-free budget hotel, find the best place to stay on your next trip with our list of the top pet-friendly chain hotels.

Pet-Friendly Luxury Hotels

Cat-friendly luxury hotel.
Cat-friendly luxury hotel

1. Hilton Hotels

Some Hilton hotels are friends of furry creatures, while other locations would prefer not to host an animal. The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is one pet-friendly example. This locale allows pets for a $75, non-refundable fee. Your best bet may be a Hilton Garden Inn, as many allow pet guests.

Over 120 DoubleTree properties also invite your lovable creatures to spend the night. The bottom line: you'll have to do a bit of legwork to determine which locations will allow your furry friend. If they do, expect to pay a fee.

  • Extra pet fee: Up to $75, non-refundable deposit.
  • Pet size limitations: 75 pounds.
  • Pet number limitations: Call each location to find out their policy.

2. Virgin Hotels

Spot will be stylin' in a new Virgin Hotel-branded bandana when he settles in for the night at a cozy, upscale hotel in Chicago or San Francisco. He'll also receive tasty treats, a food and water dish, and an uber-comfy dog bed.

With hotels planned for five new locations, including New York, New Orleans, Miami, Edinburgh, UK, and Las Vegas, your cats and dogs will be able to stay in style at even more locations soon.

  • Extra pet fee: No.
  • Pet size limitations: No.
  • Pet number limitations: No.

3. W Hotels

Nothing says indulgence like a stay at the W. Now your pet can experience first-class service in the lap of luxury. The P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcome) Program is in effect in some locations and includes toys and treats to help make your pet feel as welcome as you do.

You can also borrow an ultra-luxe dog bed. While they prefer dogs, each location has different tastes, so call first to see if you can bring your non-canine pet to stay.

  • Extra pet fee: Fees vary by hotel, but expect to pay about $50 per animal.
  • Pet size limitations: This may depend on the location, so call first to check.
  • Pet number limitations: This will depend on the location, so call first to check.

Pet-Friendly Mid-Range Hotels

A happy dog on a road trip.
A happy dog on a road trip.

4. Aloft Hotels

A member of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts family, Aloft hotels is super pet-friendly. Their Arf Program (animals are fun) is designed especially for your favorite pooch and comes complete with a dog bed, bowl, tasty treats, and toys for your dog to play with during your stay.

Cats are welcome, too, as are any other types of animals you may have - even a ferret! Call the hotel directly to book your pet-friendly room. You'll likely need to sign a waiver as well.

  • Extra pet fee: None
  • Pet size limitations: Most locations allow dogs up to 40 pounds, but the policy varies by location, so call before booking to make sure.
  • Number of pets allowed: Most locations allow up to two dogs per room at no extra charge, but again, you should contact the hotel directly to check.

5. EVEN Hotels

This new(ish) member of the InterContinental Hotel Group prides itself on promoting health and wellbeing. They offer in-room training zones, group fitness classes, and an impressive athletic studio. They also love pets, which means you could do downward dog with your dog!

EVEN currently boasts 19 hotels in North America, including two in Manhattan, one in Sarasota, and another in Seattle, with three more in Asia Pacific.

  • Extra pet fee: $50 to $100 per night, non-refundable deposit. This varies by location, so reach out to the hotel to find out more.
  • Pet size limitations: Most locations allow a dog up to 25 pounds, but the policy may vary by location (i.e. the Miami location allows dogs up to 50 pounds), so call before booking to make sure.
  • Number of pets allowed: Most locations allow only one dog or cat per room, but again, you should contact the hotel directly to confirm (i.e. the Washington, D.C. location allows two dogs per room).

6. Canopy by Hilton

Hilton's newest chain of boutique hotels is about as dog-friendly as they come. Canopy encourages guests to bring their VIPS (very important pups) along to enjoy their Paws in the Neighborhood program. They even offer on-site pooch gatherings.

Upon arrival, guests and their favorite pooches are given a guide to the best canine spots in the neighborhood. Four-legged friends also receive a welcome gift of a soft BarkBox toy and natural dog treats. On loan are dog beds, as well as food and water bowls.

Forgot a leash? No problem. You can borrow one (and a collar) on site. Plus, guests receive a discount off any purchases from Planet Dog.

The Paws program is only available at select hotels, so be sure to call before you book. Also, choose the "traveling with a pet" option under "special services" when making an online reservation.

  • Extra pet fee: A$50 non-refundable fee.
  • Pet size limitations: No pet can weigh more than 75 pounds.
  • Pet number limitations: No more than two dogs are allowed per room.

7. Kimpton Hotels

If your pet fits through the front door, it's welcome to stay at this beautifully lavish chain. They love pets so much that they boast a canine public relations officer (complete with tail wag) and offer pet sitting and massage services at many of their locations.

All pets are welcome here ("furry, feathery, or scaly") and no special deposit is required. Pet perks include: plush beds and bowls to borrow. They also provide complimentary poop bags; scrumptious treats; and tips on pet-friendly shops, groomers, parks, and restaurants in the neighborhood.

  • Extra pet fee: None.
  • Pet size limitations: No.
  • Pet number limitations: No. You can bring your iguana if you want!

8. La Quinta

These easy-to-spot hotels are conveniently located across North America and they, too, are animal-lovers. Only domestic pets (i.e. cats and dogs) are welcome to stay at La Quinta. Pets can stay alone in the room permitted they are well-behaved. But, as always, you'll be responsible for any damage they cause.

Pet owners must sign a Pet Policy Agreement at check-in, and all animals must be leashed or held in a carrier when outside the room. Certain locations (e.g. New York City, Dallas, and Cancun) don't allow pets, so call the hotel directly before booking to check.

  • Extra pet fee: $20 to $40.
  • Pet size limitations: Check with the hotel, as weight limits vary depending on location.
  • Pet number limitations: Two domestic pets are allowed per room.

9. Holiday Inn

A member of the InterContinental family, Holiday Inn allows pets at many of their locations. While you shouldn't expect a red carpet or fancy beds and treats for your pooch, rest assured that your little fluff ball will have a comfy place to spend the night.

Check out the IHG site to find links to pet-friendly hotels within their chains.

  • Extra pet fee: Usually, it's a non-refundable $30 or $75 pet fee per night, but this varies by hotel.
  • Pet size limitations: Usually, it's 50 pounds, but call the hotel to check as this varies by location.
  • Pet number limitations: Usually, they will allow two dogs per room, but this, too, will depend on the hotel.

Pet-Friendly Budget Hotels

Cat enjoying a cozy hotel stay
Cat enjoying a cozy hotel stay.

10. Motel 6

It's hard to beat the price at Motel 6. Luckily, the rooms are comfy and clean, as well as being affordable. As long as your pet is on its best behavior, he (or she) is welcome to share your stay at this long-standing American chain at no extra cost.

With roughly 1,400 pet-friendly properties in North America, you'll be hard-pressed to find a town without a Motel 6. Don't forget to declare your pet at check-in. Treats are sometimes offered at the front desk.

  • Extra pet fee: None.
  • Pet size limitations: Two pets weighing a combined 150 pounds can stay.
  • Pet number limitations: Two well-behaved pets are welcome to stay per room.

11. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is a major fan of pets. As they claim on their website, "just because you're furry, shouldn't mean you have to spend the night in the car." Pets are welcome at over 500 of their locations across the U.S.

As with most of the hotels we mention in this article, no pets are to be left alone in the room, and you're responsible for any damage Fluffy causes. All pets must be leashed or transported in a carrier and aren't allowed in areas where food is prepared or served.

  • Extra pet fee: None.
  • Pet size limitations: No larger than 80 pounds at Red Roof Inn and Red Roof PLUS+ locations. Pets staying at Red Collection locations must be under 40 pounds.
  • Pet number limitations: Usually, they allow one pet per room, but the manager may be more lenient, so it never hurts to ask if you're traveling with more.