Antigua and Barbuda: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph

Written by Carri Wilbanks
Feb 12, 2020

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean are home to hundreds of picture-perfect beaches, backed by stunning turquoise seas and ringed with coral, that make for memorable photographs. You could spend a year photographing a beach a day in Antigua - there are 365 beaches on that island alone. Barbuda is known for its pink-sand beaches and totally secluded vibe - there is just one village on the 62-square-mile island!

1. English Harbour, Antigua

View of English Harbour from Shirley Heights

This photo depicts picture-perfect English Harbour in Antigua as photographed from the Shirley Heights lookout above. The restored old British military lookout is at a high point of 149 meters, and the harbor views below are simply stunning. Stay through sunset, when the lights of the harbor below add an extra twinkle to your photograph.

2. St. John's, Antigua

Colorful buildings in St. John's

Head to the Antigua port of St. John's at dusk to watch the setting sun and colorful fishing village's reflection mirrored in the sea below. This is the magic hour for photography. For a shot like the one in the above photograph, head to the end of the fishing pier.

3. Pink Sand Beach, Barbuda

Close-up of the Pink Sand Beach on Barbuda

Tiny Barbuda, Antigua's sister island, is home to just one village and a number of pink-sand beaches, like the one pictured above. The color comes from hundreds of thousands of pieces of crushed red and pink coral and shells that live in the reef just offshore from the beach. Contrasted with the turquoise sea, it is a special photograph indeed.

4. Galley Bay, Antigua

Galley Bay

Galley Bay is one of Antigua's most popular beaches and where you'll find a number of resorts. Yet despite the development, Galley Bay still maintains a serene vibe. The turquoise sea is fringed by coconut palms, and as long as the winds are calm, the swimming is good. When the wind kicks up, the kitesurfers play. This is also a great spot to watch the sunset.

5. Ffryes Beach, Antigua

Driftwood on Ffryes Beach

During stormy weather, Antigua's Ffryes Beach, which is strewn with driftwood, makes for a dramatically contrasting photo. Under sunny skies, it is equally gorgeous and known for its long stretch of white sand and clear, azure turquoise sea.

6. Betty's Hope Historic Sugar Plantation

Betty's Hope Historic Sugar Plantation

Resembling a windmill, the above photo is actually one of two restored sugar mill towers, complete with a sail, that date back to Antigua's sugar plantation days in the mid 1600s. Today, it has been preserved as the Betty's Hope Historic Sugar Plantation, which is now an educational tourist attraction.

7. Pigeon Beach, Antigua

Pigeon Beach

White sand meets clear turquoise water at Pigeon Beach, which is one of Antigua's main public beaches. Locals, especially families with kids, like it here because the water is protected by a reef and quite shallow, making it ideal for little ones to splash around in. The sugary white-sand beach also hosts a couple of laid-back restaurants on the sand to grab a meal at.

8. Fort James, Antigua

Fort James

The fire power at historic Fort James, pictured here, was constructed to protect St. John's Harbor in Antigua from invasion. Fort James is one of a number of forts the British constructed on the island in the 1700s, mainly to protect themselves from feared French invasion.

9. Turner's Beach, Antigua

Turner's Beach

On Antigua's southwest coast near Johnsons Point, Turners Beach is stunning from dawn until after dusk. The location makes for stunning purple-tinged sunsets, but during the day, the beach is just a chilled out place to lay out on the sand or grab a bite to eat at a laid-back restaurant. There are a few places to stay near this beach as well.

10. Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Nelson's Dockyard

Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour is a preserved cultural heritage site in Antigua. The dockyard, pictured above, along with the Clarence House and Shirley Heights, is part of the Nelson's Dockyard National Park, which has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11. Darkwood Beach, Antigua

Darkwood Beach

Idyllic Darkwood Beach is best visited in the afternoon, after any cruise ship visitors depart. Then you'll have this gorgeous stretch of white-sand-meets-turquoise-sea coastline mostly to yourself. There is a small restaurant here and also places to rent sun-loungers and umbrellas.

12. Half Moon Bay, Antigua

Half Moon Bay, Antigua

In Antigua, this gorgeous sweeping bay features an almost mile-long, pink-sand beach that is mostly protected by an offshore coral reef. It's about a 45-minute drive from St. John on the Atlantic Ocean side of the isle, and you'll often have the beach to yourself. There are no amenities here, so you'll need to pack a snack and beverages if you visit.

13. Jolly Beach, Antigua

Aerial view of Jolly Beach and Jolly Harbour

You can reach Jolly Beach and adjacent Jolly Harbour in Antigua by helicopter, as depicted in the photo here, or you can get here just as easily by land. Jolly Beach faces west, which makes this long and wide stretch of white-sand beach an awesome place to photograph at sunset.

14. Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Dickenson Bay

Head to Dickensen Bay on Antigua to snap a photo by the bright red telephone booth pictured above. It makes for quite the contrast against the gold-tinged sand, swaying coconut palms, and turquoise sea. It's definitely an Instagram-worthy snap that is popular with couples on a romantic getaway.

15. Princess Diana Beach, Barbuda

Princess Diana Beach on Barbuda

Another gorgeous stretch of pink-tinged sand, Princess Diana Beach in Barbuda is home to sand so soft, it has been described as similar to walking on marshmallows, backed by a warm, clear, turquoise sea. You'll often have the beach to yourself as well.

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