Tunisia Travel Guide

With its beautiful beaches extending endlessly along the Mediterranean and its guaranteed sunshine, Tunisia is an ideal tourist destination. But in addition to sand, sea and sunshine it has much more to offer: the fertile country in the north, the lonely hill and desert regions, the picturesque towns and villages of the interior, and in addition to all this the traces of a long and eventful past. Tunisia's geographical situation laid it open from time immemorial to influences from other lands, and in the course of three thousand years it saw the passage of Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Spaniards and finally the French, all of them leaving evidence of their presence; and in our own day Tunisia is still a bridge between the Western, the African and the Islamic worlds.
Tunisia is the most northerly country in Africa, facing towards Europe, from which it is separated only by the 140 kilometres/90 miles of sea between Cap Bon and the western tip of Sicily. Tunisia is bounded on the north and east by the Mediterranean, on the west by Algeria and on the south-east, in the northern Sahara, by Libya.

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