9 Popular Beaches in Montenegro

Written by Meagan Drillinger
Jul 1, 2023

Montenegro's beach scene is small but mighty. The tiny country has only 294 kilometers of coastline, but that short distance is positively brimming with beautiful, and beautifully diverse, beaches and swimming areas.

Author Meagan Drillinger on Velika Beach
Author Meagan Drillinger on Velika Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

From the white pebble beaches of the Budva Riviera to the wild and rugged volcanic sand beaches close to the border of Albania, Montenegro's beaches offer a whole spectrum of personalities.

I spent a week in Montenegro, beach-hopping along the coastline discovering which beaches were the very best in the country. No matter the aesthetic of the beach, each one was a treasure to discover. My personal favorites were the sandy beaches of the south, with their endlessly expansive views of the vast open sea.

But the beaches in the north, closer to Budva, are also internationally recognized for their turquoise-colored coves and calm, impossibly clear water. The best part is that Montenegro's coastline is so small that you could hit multiple beaches, often on the same day.

If you're ready to discover the seaside charm of this pocket-sized country, check out my list of the best beaches in Montenegro.

1. Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach
Mogren Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

A first dip into the wide world of the beaches in Montenegro will certainly begin in and around Budva. Budva, or the "Budva Riviera" is the premiere beach destination for sea-and-sun worshippers visiting Montenegro.

Naturally, that's where I began my Montenegro beach adventure, specifically at Mogren Beach. It's one of the easiest beaches to access from downtown Budva, tucked at the foot of a cliff on the road that leads back to Kotor. The crescent-shaped beach is in its own secluded cove of crystal-clear water and is outfitted with restaurants and sun beds.

Since the beach is at the base of the cliff, you won't be able to drive directly to it. Instead, a stone path from Budva Old Town leads to the 350-meter-long sandy beach. A natural tunnel at the end of the beach leads through a stone archway to a second Mogren beach with even more space.

Just a short walk from the energy and noise of downtown Budva, Mogren Beach feels like a hidden oasis worlds away. That said, it's far from a secret beach so come high season you can expect the crowds to follow.

2. Ploče Beach

The pool at Ploče Beach
The pool at Ploče Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

If you're someone who has a tough time sitting still at the beach, then Ploče Beach is the place for you. I have seen few beaches that have quite as many things to do as Montenegro's Ploče Beach.

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Budva, Ploče Beach is at the tip of a forested peninsula, webbed with dusty, winding dirt roads and peppered with secluded beach coves. Ploče Beach is a veritable oasis of entertainment, with spectacular views of the coastline and crystal clear water.

Parking: The beach has a parking lot directly above it with free parking. As you gaze down at the beach, brace yourself for a palatial pavilion of fun, from a sandy beachfront with lounge chairs and thatched umbrellas to several oceanfront swimming pools, a restaurant, and water slides.

But because it's a bit of a drive from Budva proper, this beach stays relatively low-key even in high season. It's a great option for families or friends who want plenty of options and places to lounge, without the throngs of tourists.

3. Velika Beach (Long Beach)

Velika Beach
Velika Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Velika Beach feels like you've really discovered something wild. It's completely different from the majority of beaches in this part of the world. In lieu of white, pearly pebbles the beach is made up of a seemingly endless stretch of soft, powder-fine sand. And, as its name suggests, the beach is the longest in Montenegro at 13 kilometers long.

After weeks of shuffling my way across stony beaches in protective shoes, it felt wonderful to kick my sandals off and dig my toes into the sand. Velika Beach also faces the open sea, unprotected by rocky outcrops or coves, which means it's about as wild and carefree as it gets in terms of beachfront in Montenegro. Note that the sand is volcanic so it can get very hot on summer days.

The closest town to Velika Beach is Ulcinj, a Medieval city perched on a cliff. The beach stretches all the way from Ulcinj down to the border of Albania and is lined with funky beach restaurants and lounge chairs in every direction.

And if you like kitesurfing, Velika Beach is the one to visit, with kitesurfing schools scattered all up and down the coast.

During the lower season, like May, you will find that you have the beach to yourself, though the dining options are somewhat limited. Everything opens at full capacity in June and runs in full operation through the end of August. That said, brace yourself for crowds in the summer, though with 13 kilometers, you will probably find a sliver to call your own.

4. Becici Beach

Becici Beach
Becici Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Becici Beach is a long stretch of white, pebble beach just one cove over from downtown Budva. You'll find you can be at the beach in just nine minutes by car if you leave from the center of Budva. Surrounded by a few hotels and rental properties, Becici Beach is carpeted with beach loungers and has several casual restaurants to choose from.

I loved this beach. The expansive bay is surrounded on either side by rolling hills that are covered in green Mediterranean vegetation. You can see the fjord-like spines of mountains extend out to see in the distance, and the water is clean, clear, and lovely. It's not short on views, nor is it short on options for places to set up camp for the day.

You'll have your pick of restaurants here. Pizzeria Azzurro is located right on the water and serves pizzas, pasta, burgers, salads, and more.

5. Milocer Park

Milocer Beach
Milocer Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Milocer Beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in Montenegro. Tucked behind a lush, olive tree-filled park, this stone-and-sand beach has calm, gentle water perfect for swimming and a sunny stretch to bask on.

But what really sets this beach apart from other beaches in Montenegro is the park. Apart from the beach, the other main landmark within the park is the monastery of Praskvitsa, which was once the summer residence of a royal family. As you can imagine, the park is beautifully landscaped with walking paths, groves of olive trees, and, of course, a beautiful beach.

Entrance to the beach is free. You can find a small parking lot and then several dirt pathways that lead through the forest and down to the paved walkways that wreath the beach. It's only six kilometers from Budva, but the hushed silence of the park and the rolling green mountains in the distance create a calm, Zen-like environment, and relaxing space to take a dip.

6. Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach
Jaz Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Leaving Budva and heading back towards Kotor, you will pass a turn-off that leads to one of Montenegro's largest (and most entertaining) beaches. Jaz Beach sits nestled in a cove protected by two forest-covered hills on either side. The views from the beach of the mountains undulating off into the blue distance are mesmerizing.

Jaz Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro thanks to its natural beauty, but also because of its wide array of restaurants, as well as its nearby campground, and the several concerts that the beach hosts throughout the year. A floating jungle gym is very popular with families.

For dining, Madeira Jazz sits at the far end of Jaz Beach and offers a calm, tranquil environment and a menu of tasty Italian food.

You can walk to Jaz Beach from Budva (it's only about 2.5 kilometers), but if you drive you'll find that the beach has a massive parking lot. Depending on the season, though, the parking lot can fill up quickly. When I was there at the end of May it was still very easy to find parking.

If the section of the beach with the restaurants and lounge chairs is too busy, a smaller section of the beach along the second half is much more tranquil and has fewer facilities.

7. Ada Bojana Beach

Ada Bojana Beach
Ada Bojana Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Ada Bojana Beach feels like you've left the shores of Mediterranean Europe and stumbled into the backpacker's paradises of Northern Africa or Southern Thailand. The beach makes up one end of a tiny island framed by the splitting of the Buna River, which separates Montenegro from Albania. That's right — if you look to your left from the beach, what you're seeing is Albania.

While the other beaches on this list are certainly beautiful and are widely regarded as the country's best, Ada Bojana Beach was probably my favorite. I'm a woman who loves a sandy beach over a pebble beach, and the sand at Ada Bojana is fine and powdery. On either side of the river are waterfront beach restaurants and cottages, creating an almost bayou-esque community that feels very far away from the Mediterranean.

Restaurant Barbana is the funkiest restaurant of the bunch, with blended indoor and outdoor space, thrifted furniture, fringed umbrellas, and bean bag poufs on the sand.

I have to mention that when I visited the beach it did have some trash on it, which likely washed in from the river. But the parts of the beach that faced the open sea were clean. I also heard that this stretch of beach is home to a nudist community but when I visited everyone had their clothes on.

8. Crvena Glavica Beach

Crvena Glavica Beach
Crvena Glavica Beach | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Close to the historic village of Sveti Stefan, Crvena Glavica Beach is a secluded pebble-and-concrete beach tucked at the base of a hill at the end of a winding, narrow road. The journey to the beach is beautiful as you wind your way along a remote stretch of road before emerging at the secluded, turquoise bay.

Although the beach itself feels remote, once you're there you'll find that there is both parking and a restaurant, so you're never that far from creature comforts. The onsite restaurant is called Galija Beach Restaurant and it has outdoor tables, day beds, and umbrellas. Menu items include everything from sushi, risotto, and charcuterie platters to pizza and vegan curry. Parking is free.

This is a beautiful and quiet beach to enjoy a secluded dip. As you drive away from the beach back along the winding road, you'll be greeted with a direct view of Sveti Stefan's Old Town — a medieval island city that is now run as an exclusive luxury resort.

9. Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan | Photo Copyright: Meagan Drillinger

Speaking of Sveti Stefan, it, too, has a beautiful beach to enjoy. While the island village may look incredibly inviting, only those who are guests of the onsite resort have access to the island. But the beach in front of the island is open to all, and you'll have beautiful views of the exterior of the island's medieval buildings.

Sveti Stefan actually has two beaches, one on either side of the long walkway that leads to the (now) private island. The beach on the right is only accessible to hotel guests, but the one on the left is open to everyone.

Both beaches here are especially unique thanks to their unmistakable pinkish hue, which really looks wonderful against the red tile roofs of the island buildings across the causeway.

But don't be jealous of the deep-pocketed guests staying behind the coveted doors. The public beach is backed by lovely hotels and rental properties where you can enjoy the beaches and views.

Author's Tip: Speaking of views, you can find a wonderful photo opportunity at the top of the hill just along the highway before the turn-off for the beach. From this perch, you'll have a bird's eye view down to the medieval city.