12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Rothenburg

Written by Bryan Dearsley
Updated Dec 25, 2023
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Not only is it one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, the old Bavarian Imperial City of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is also considered one of the most attractive towns in Germany. For these reasons, it's definitely one of the most popular stops on the country's Romantic Road tourist route.

Marktplatz, Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Marktplatz, Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Picturesquely positioned on the steep banks of the River Tauber, Rothenburg's walls and towers look much as they did in the 16th century, while many of the buildings inside the walls are even older.

Among these fascinating points of interest are the 13th-century Town Hall (Rathaus); the 14th-century Council Tavern, with its old clock and mechanical figures; and several fine old churches. Half-timbered houses with their characteristic steeply pitched roofs line the narrow stone-paved streets, some housing museums that explore Rothenburg's long and fascinating history.

The chief attraction for tourists, though, is the charming old town itself, so spend some time strolling through it and walking along its walls.

To learn more about the best places to visit and other fun things to do in this historic German town, read through our list of the top attractions in Rothenburg.

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1. The Old Town (Alte Stadt)

Rothenburg's charming Old Town
Rothenburg's charming Old Town

The charming streets and little squares surrounded by well-kept half-timbered houses have made Rothenburg the poster child for Germany's famed Romantic Road, and for Germany itself. So as you wander through the Old Town (Alte Stadt), its familiar scenes may make you feel as though you'd been here before.

In addition to the historic Town Hall (Rathaus), here, you'll find plenty of idyllic scenes worth photographing, including the sometimes brightly painted old half-timbered homes. If you visit in late November or in December you'll get to enjoy one of the best Christmas markets in Germany.

For a real treat, book one of the many hotels within walking distance of the Old Town and venture out at night. With the tourist hordes gone (most are only passing through on a day trip), you'll find yourself having much of this remarkable district to yourself.

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2. Rothenburg Town Hall (Rathaus)

The Old Town and Rathaus (Town Hall)
The Old Town and Rathaus (Town Hall)

Dominating the Marktplatz at its center is the imposing Town Hall (Rathaus), one of the finest in southern Germany. The oldest part of this majestic building, constructed in the 13th century, faces Herrngasse. A later addition is the 16th-century, 50-meter-high tower, from which you'll find superb views over the Old Town.

The section facing the market was constructed in 1578 and includes the fine Imperial Hall, still used for theatrical performances and concerts. Also of interest are the former Council Tavern (Ratstrinkstube), added in 1466, and the old clock with its quaint mechanical figures.

Address: Marktplatz 1, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

3. The Old Town Walls

The Old Town Walls
The Old Town Walls

One of the most popular things to do in Rothenburg is to take the walk around the Old Town Wall and its fortifications. To see everything and complete the entire loop, including a number of raised sections along the top of the wall, you'll want to dedicate around two hours of your time (less if you only want to tackle a smaller portion).

This fascinating and attractive walk is best started from the Spitaltor in the heart of the Old Town area, a massive gatehouse built in the 1500s. From here, head toward the equally stunning Rödertor, stopping along the way to enjoy the views. The next leg leads to the Klingentor and the 15th-century St. Wolfgang's Church, which now houses an interesting museum.

In all there are 42 gatehouses and towers along the walls, so be sure to allow additional time for taking photos and stopping for some sightseeing. Also allow time to stop for a coffee and a sweet "Schneeball" deep-fried pastry treat at one of the great little cafes you'll see along the way.

Fun English language private guided tours of the Town Walls and other historic landmarks are available from the town's visitor center.

4. Plönlein: The "Little Square"


Undoubtedly the most picturesque spot in an extremely pretty town, Plönlein looks like something right out of a fairy-tale book. Literally translated as "Little Square," it's really nothing more than an intersection, but is one of the best places to visit in Rothenburg for a memorable selfie or two.

The real star here is Plönlein's brightly painted half-timbered building that divides the two streets. This tall, skinny old building dates all the way back to the 13th century and was immortalized in Walt Disney's cartoon version of Pinocchio.

Don't be shy to explore the two streets the home separates. One of them heads up through the Siebers Tower, while the other slopes down to the Kobolzeller Tower. Both towers also date from the early 13th century.

Address: u. Schmiedgasse, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

5. St. James's Church

St. James's Church
St. James's Church

Just a short stroll from the Town Hall is the Lutheran St. James's Church. Known as Kirchengemeinde St. Jakob in German, as well as St. Jacobs, this attractive building was completed in 1485 and is widely considered to be one of the finest such pilgrimage churches in Germany.

Highlights of a visit to this historic landmark are the Altar of the Holy Blood, a superb wood carving dating from 1505 depicting the Last Supper, and the 700-year-old stained glass in the East Choir. The Twelve Apostles Altar shows the oldest known representation of Rothenburg.

English-language guided tours and audio tours are available.

Address: Klostergasse 15, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

6. The Castle Garden (Burggarten)

The Castle Gardens (Burggarten)
The Castle Garden (Burggarten)

In addition to its fine old architecture, you'll also find several lovely parks and gardens in Rothenburg, each just waiting to be explored.

One of the most popular is the spectacular Castle Garden (Burggarten). Laid out on the site of a castle destroyed in an earthquake in 1356, the gardens offer wonderful views of the Old Town and the famous Double Bridge farther down the Tauber Valley.

Its geometric flower beds, laid out in the 17th and 18th centuries, include eight sculptures representing the four seasons and the four elements. Other monuments of note are one dedicated to the 14th-century Mayor Toppler and the lords of the old castle, the once-dominant Hohenstaufen dynasty.

This large green space features plenty of trees and is perfect for an impromptu picnic. Grab yourself some savory sandwiches and sweet pastries from traditional bakeries such as the popular Brot & Zeit, then grab a bench or a shady spot and feel like a European as you soak up the atmosphere of this amazing historic town.

Address: Alte Burg, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

7. Medieval Crime Museum

Medieval Crime Museum
Medieval Crime Museum

The fascinating Medieval Crime Museum (Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum) deals with more than 1,000 years of crime and punishment in Europe. Particular focus is placed on the medieval period.

Highlights include artifacts used to extract confessions and inflict punishment, many of them extremely gruesome. Also interesting is the fascinating documentation and details pertaining to the often-flawed logic behind their use.

Numerous notorious criminal cases are depicted in woodcuts and copper etchings, while another exhibit deals specifically with the terrible witch-hunts that once gripped Bavaria.

Address: Burggasse 3, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

8. German Christmas Museum

German Christmas Museum exhibit
German Christmas Museum exhibit | Nigel Swales / photo modified

Rothenburg's Marktplatz is the scene of one of Germany's most popular Christmas markets, a tradition that can be traced to medieval times. But you can experience some of the season's colors and traditions all year round at the German Christmas Museum (Deutsches Weihnachtsmuseum).

Part store and part museum, it displays seasonal decorations and artifacts focusing on local traditions in towns like Rothenburg. Highlights include tree ornaments, nativity scenes, and numerous old figurines, including 150 figures of Father Christmas himself.

If you can, visit during the lead-up to Christmas when the town is festooned with more than 80,000 candles and four kilometers of decorations and lights.

Address: Herrngasse 1, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

9. The Master Builder's House (Baumeisterhaus)

The Master Builder's House (Baumeisterhaus)
The Master Builder's House (Baumeisterhaus)

Strolling along the Schmiedgasse, a fine old street running south from the Marktplatz, you'll come to No. 3, the Master Builder's House (Baumeisterhaus). Now a hotel and restaurant, this fine old building with its spectacular façade from 1596 is widely considered to be one of the finest Renaissance houses in Bavaria.

It was here that Rothenburg's Master Builder, Leonard Weidmann, lived and worked. A testament to his skills, the house is famous for its carvings of dragon motifs, along with statues representing the seven cardinal virtues and the seven deadly sins.

Address: Ob. Schmiedgasse 3, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

10. Klingentor


Constructed between 1395 and 1400, the imposing Klingentor is one of the most architecturally interesting of all Rothenburg's towers. Sitting alongside St. Wolfgang's church, it forms a gate in the town walls that's just begging to be explored.

It also served another purpose as well: as a water tower. It contains a huge copper tank that feeds the town's fountains. You can climb it for a small fee to see views across the town and Tauber Valley.

Address: Klingengasse 15, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

11. Spitalhof and Spitaltor

The Spital Gate (Spitaltor)
The Spital Gate (Spitaltor)

In the picturesque Spitalhof are a number of interesting buildings worth visiting. In addition to the Hegereiterhäuschen, a fine old home built in 1591, there's the massive 16th-century Spital Gate (Spitaltor), both built by Master Builder Leonhard Weidmann.

The last of the town's many fortifications to be constructed, Spitaltor bears the Latin inscription, Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus; this literally translates as "Peace to those who enter in, good health to those who leave again."

Constructed in the shape of a figure eight, these intimidating fortifications include seven gates, a drawbridge, a portcullis, and a parapet.

Address: Spitalgasse 55, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

12. RothenburgMuseum

RothenburgMuseum | P Gregory / Shutterstock.com

Housed in a former Dominican convent, Rothenburg Museum gives a better understanding of the importance of this beautiful old town. Established in 1936, the museum details life in the convent, which was dissolved in the 16th century, including a look at the historic living quarters.

Other features are the well-preserved 13th-century kitchen and the 14th-century panels of the Rothenburg Passion. The museum's Judaica Department contains artifacts showcasing the town's Jewish heritage, and the display of European weaponry, from the Stone Age to the 19th century, which includes hunting weapons once used by Frederick the Great.

Address: Klosterhof, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Where to Stay in Rothenburg for Sightseeing

All this delightful town's attractions are inside or right along the old town walls, within a few minutes' walk of each other. Several are within sight of the Marktplatz, where a surprising number of hotels also cluster. Rarely are there so many opportunities to stay in historic half-timbered buildings right in the center of a walled medieval town. Here are some highly-rated hotels in Rothenburg:

Luxury Hotels:

  • A few steps from the Christmas Museum and Burg Garden, Hotel Herrnschloesschen offers guests free breakfast. So does the Historikhotel Gotisches Haus, a beautifully decorated historic building in the same area.
  • Built into town walls nearby, the Burghotel overlooks the Tauber Valley with spectacular views from its terrace and well-furnished rooms.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • Just outside the walls at the entrance to the old town, Hotel-Garni Hornburg is a beautiful and hospitable manor house with large, nicely furnished rooms.
  • The family-run Hotel Reichsküchenmeister, in a half-timbered house just off the market square in the center of town, has a good traditional restaurant and includes breakfast.
  • In the newer part of town, only a few blocks from Marktplatz on the way from the rail station, Villa Mittermeier Hotel & Restaurant offers guests free parking. The old-fashioned Hotel Eisenhut is in a historic building next to the Christmas Museum and just off Marktplatz.

Budget Hotels:

  • Between the Christmas Museum and Burg Garden, Hotel Klosterstueble is in a traditional building with a cozy courtyard and quirky rooms.
  • Antiques furnish the Hotel Spitzweg, on a small quiet street a block off Marktplatz, where hospitable hosts offer free parking, an unusual feature right in the center of town.
  • Near the town gate, a five-minute walk from Marktplatz, Hotel-Gasthof Klingentor has spacious rooms and also includes free parking, along with breakfast.

Tips and Tours: How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Rothenburg

  • Day Tour from Munich: Rothenburg is a highlight of the Romantic Road, a tourist route through some of Germany's most charming medieval towns. You can follow this route by air-conditioned coach on the Romantic Road, Rothenburg, and Harburg Day Tour from Munich. There's time to stroll through Rothenburg's streets at leisure and discover its historic sights. A bonus of the tour is a stop at the 11th-century Harburg Castle, one of Germany's oldest fortifications.
  • Day Tour from Frankfurt: Combine your visits to two of Germany's most popular attractions on the Frankfurt Super Saver: Neuschwanstein Castle and Rothenburg Day Trip, a 24-hour guided excursion by coach. Skip-the-line admission to Neuschwanstein and a professionally guided walking tour of Rothenburg are included, along with round-trip transportation from central Frankfurt.
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