Tourist Attractions in France

Tourist attractions in Paris, France
Paris is a city with its own unique culture and appeal. Soak up the atmosphere at a street side café, shop along the Champs-Élysées, or see the city from the Eiffel Tower.
Tourist attractions in Nice, France
The city of Nice is one of the most popular destinations along the French Riviera, attracting both French and foreign visitors. Beaches and culture combine for a perfect mix.
Tourist attractions in Bordeaux, France
Wander along the pedestrian zone, past beautiful architecture and quaint shops. Bordeaux is one of Frances often overlooked gems, with too many attractions to count.
Tourist attractions in Cannes, France
Located along the French Riviera, Cannes has long been a summer destination for the rich and famous. From the beaches to the Cannes Film Festival, the city attracts all kinds.
Tourist attractions in Lyons, France
The historic city of Lyons features incredible architecture from a variety of periods. Treat yourself to a stroll through the city at night when the buildings are lit up.
Tourist attractions in Marseilles, France
Located along the Mediterranean, the port city of Marseilles is a cultural melting pot. Sand colored buildings with restaurants surround the harbour filled with sailboats.
Tourist attractions in Strasbourg, France
One of the most prominent cities in Alsace, Strasbourg also has an international face, home to important European institutions. Bicycle by canals and wonderful architecture.

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