Normandy Attractions

The region of Normandy in northwestern France extends from the Ile de France, between Picardy (to the north) and Brittany (to the west), to the English Channel. Historically - as its name indicates - it is the territory conquered in the ninth century by Norsemen from Denmark. Since then it has been constantly fought over, most recently after the Allied landings in 1944, and evidence of this is to be seen all over the region.

Apart from history, Normandy has much to offer the visitor: beautiful and varied scenery, ranging from the steep and rugged Channel coast to the charms of the "Norman Switzerland", as well as the architectural treasures of its old capital of Rouen, the extraordinary Mont St-Michel, castles and Châteaux, churches and abbeys, and - not least - some of France's finest seaside resorts like Deauville, Trouville and Dieppe.

Upper Normandy

Chalk cliffs at EtretatChalk cliffs at Etretat

Lower Normandy

Mont Saint MichelMont Saint Michel

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