10 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Side

Written by Jess Lee
Updated Dec 24, 2023
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If you're looking for a mix of beach time and history, the resort town of Side is one of the best places to visit on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Side may be all about soaking up the sun on the sand but for those who fancy a slice of culture with their sunbathing, the wealth of Greco-Roman ruins right in town are major tourist attractions.

The Temple of Athena is dramatically placed on the harbor, with the standing columns looking out to sea, and if you climb to the top tier of seating in the vast Roman theater at the other end of town, you'll get a magnificent view of the stately Taurus Mountains.

More than anything else, though, Side is a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and hanging out on the beach is the most popular thing to do.

Although the beaches in town do get packed during the summer months, if you have your own transport, you'll find plenty of less crowded strips of sand within easy reach.

For ideas on what not to miss while here, use our list of the top attractions and things to do in Side.

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1. Admire the Temples of Apollo and Athena

Temples of Apollo and Athena
Temples of Apollo and Athena

By 1000 BC Side, had its first settlement but it was in the 7th or 6th centuries BC, when Greek settlers established a colony and built a harbor here, that the town began to prosper.

During the Roman era, this town became an important commercial center, and it was only when the harbor began to silt up in the 7th century that the town was eventually abandoned.

At the tip of Side's peninsula are the remains of the ancient town's two principal temples, dedicated to Athena and Apollo. Although they are in no way complete, they have a dramatic location looking out over the Mediterranean and are especially atmospheric in the evening, when the ruins are lit up.

Side harbor is a great place for a sunset promenade, with plenty of cafés dotting the shoreline near the ruins.

If you're staying in Antalya, the Perge, Aspendos, Side tour offers an excellent way to tick off the highlights of this area's sights all in one day, including Side's Temples of Apollo and Athena. This full-day tour includes a guided visit to some of the surrounding region's major tourist attractions. As well as a stop in Side, it includes visits to Aspendos, to see Turkey's famous mammoth Roman theater, and the ruins of Perge. It includes lunch, and transport, with pickup and drop-off from your hotel.

Official site: https://muze.gov.tr

2. Explore Side's Vast Roman Theater

Side's Theater
Side's Theater

Side's huge theater was the largest in ancient Pamphylia and could accommodate an audience of 15,000 in its 49 rows of seating. Although several of the supporting arches have collapsed, bringing down part of the auditorium, this is still a remarkable surviving example of Roman architectural skill.

Don't miss having a closer examination of the stage walls, where there are well-preserved reliefs.

Just behind the theater are the rambling ruins of the agora (Roman-era marketplace), which originally would have been surrounded by colonnades filled with shops.

Beside the agora are the remnants of the circular Temple of Tyche (dedicated to the Roman goddess of fortune).

Address: Liman Caddesi

Official site: https://muze.gov.tr

3. Relax on East Beach

East Beach
East Beach

These days, Side is more famous for its sun and sand than its ancient history. During the summer months of endless blue skies, European travelers flock to the town to flop out on the sand of the many beaches lining the surrounding coast.

The closest, and most popular, strip of sand, though, is right in town. East Beach is a buzzing place packed with sun loungers, restaurants, and cafés, and offers everything you need for a full day of sunning, relaxing, and topping up the tan.

If you're looking for a little more action, you'll also find water sports galore on offer here.

4. Picnic at the Manavgat Waterfalls

Manavgat Waterfalls (Manavgat Selalesi)
Manavgat Waterfalls (Manavgat Selalesi)

For a picnic spot away from the beach, you can't beat the Manavgat Waterfalls, about 13 kilometers northeast of Side.

The waterfalls sit upon the Manavgat River, which rises in the Seytan Mountain Range of the Taurus Mountains.

Set amid a landscaped garden, the area is hugely popular with both local families and tourists on sunny weekends. Try to pick a weekday for a visit if you'd prefer the site to be less crowded.

You can walk right up to the falls using a network of gangways to get close-up views. The thunderous roar of the water is a dramatic soundtrack to a visit here.

Combine a visit to the waterfalls with some history with the 5 in 1 Best of Antalya Region Tour, which packs in the major highlights of the area in a full-day tour. This tour from Antalya visits the waterfalls first before guided tours of both the Perge and Aspendos ruins. The tour then travels on to Side for guided tours of the theater ruins area and the Temples of Apollo and Athena. Lunch, all entry fees, and transport are included.

5. Raft the River of Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon
Köprülü Canyon

Seven kilometers east of Aspendos, and about 70 kilometers northwest of Side, a long Seljuk-era hump-back bridge, with Roman foundations, crosses the Köprü River.

Farther north, behind the village of Alabalik, the river narrows, marking the point where the mountainous and impressive Köprülü Canyon National Park (Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı) begins.

This is the top spot in the region for white-water rafting trips, and half-day rafting trips are easy to arrange in both Side and Antalya.

If you're not fond of getting wet, the national park area has plenty of hiking options or, if you just want to admire the dramatic gorge scenery, there are cafés scattered along the riverside where you can relax and enjoy the views.

6. Explore the Ruins of Selge


While you're in the Köprülü Canyon National Park area, don't miss the ruins of Selge, which sit high up in the Taurus Mountains, 74 kilometers northwest from Side, scattered amid the village of Altinkaya Köyü.

It's said that the town was founded by the blind prophet Kalchas of the Trojan War with the rest of his army from Troy. Until the Roman period, the settlement's remote location protected the town from foreign rule, yet trade flourished thanks to good relations with the towns of coastal Pamphylia.

The extensive ruins contain many interesting remains, and history buffs could easily spend all day poking about here. For those with a little less time, the principal attraction not to miss is the Roman theater, with its 10,000 seats, and the adjacent stadium.

Some distance to the southwest are the remnants of the Temple of Zeus and Temple of Artemis while scattered farther east are the ruins of the agora.

7. Visit Side Museum

Side Museum
Side Museum | Ken and Nyetta / photo modified

Side Museum may be small but it offers a well curated collection, and it is worth popping in simply to have a look at the building itself.

The museum is based in the town's 2nd-century Roman bathhouse building, which was heavily restored during the 5th century. It sits just across the road from the main entrance into Side's Roman theater site.

Come here to view the exhibits of finely detailed statuary, sculpture, sarcophagi, and engraved stele, all of which was found locally at excavation sites within and around Side.

The museum makes for a good rest stop after scrambling through the agora ruins and puffing your way up to the top tier of seating at the theater next door.

Address: Liman Caddesi

Official site: https://muze.gov.tr

8. View Side's State Agora

State Agora
State Agora

Not to be confused with Side's agora area that neighbors the Roman theater, this imposing complex on the road to Side's East Beach functioned as the State Agora.

On its east side, an originally two-story building is thought to have been used as a library, while in a columned niche, you can still see a figure of Nemesis, the goddess of fate.

If you carry on from the agora, heading towards the eastern old town walls, you'll come to the extensive ruins of the Byzantine bishop's palace, principal, and baptistery.

These early Christian buildings date from between the 5th and 10th centuries AD.

Address: Barbaros Caddesi

9. Day Trip to the Ruins of Seleucia

Seleucia (Seleúkeia)
Seleucia (Seleúkeia) | Jim Maes / photo modified

The fine remains of the town of Seleucia (also known as Seleukia) were part of ancient Pamphylia.

The ruins lie one kilometer above the village of Bucak Seyler, about 15 kilometers north of Side (reached from Side via the Manavgat Waterfalls). The rambling ruins are enclosed within a pine forest, which gives the site a charming lost-in-time ambience.

Little is known of this town's history, and archaeologists still debate its exact identity-some suggest that it is not Seleucia at all but rather the town of Lyrba.

Excavations here during the 1970s unearthed a large baths complex; a well-preserved agora with surviving storerooms, colonnades, and shop rows; a Byzantine era church; and an odeon with a mosaic of Orpheus.

10. Head off the Beaten Track at Düdencik Caves

About 18 kilometers southeast of Side, near the small town of cevizli, budding spelunkers can explore one of the deepest cave networks in Turkey.

The Düdencik Caves (Düdencik Magarası) here head 330 meters down into the earth. One of the underground rivers inside the vast cavern network emerges as a karst spring near Pamukluk Köprüsü.

For real cave enthusiasts, another cave complex is farther southeast. The Düdensuyu cave complex (Düdensuyu Magarası) lies next to the village of Akseki. A number of underground lakes here can be visited with a local guide.

An alternative scenic route is with a cross-country vehicle via Manavgat.

Where to Stay in Side for Sightseeing

Luxury Hotels:

  • The five-star Barut Acanthus & Cennet provides plenty of resort-style pampering with its swath of private beach, sprawling pools with swim-up rooms, and a high-class spa for massages and luxurious treatments. There's a gym, and on-site restaurant and breakfast is included.
  • Tui Blue Barat Andiz is another five-star beach resort that's all about relaxation and lazy sunbathing time. The massive pools will keep all the family happy and there is a spa and gym. Breakfast is included, and the hotel's restaurants mean you don't have to go far for lunch and dinner.
  • For all-inclusive resort packages, Barut Arum is a popular beachfront option with a buzzy family feel. There is nightly live entertainment and a kids' club; the palm-lined pools are perfect for relaxation; and the spa has a hammam (Turkish bath) if you want to scrub-up the traditional way.

Mid-Range & Budget Hotels:

  • For a more intimate stay, Aura Boutique Hotel, right in the heart of Side town, gets top marks for its friendly, genuine welcome and the rooftop terrace with views across to the Temple of Apollo. All of Side's major historic monuments are easily walked to from here and breakfast is included.
  • The SunConnect Side Resort is known for its helpful, friendly staff and immaculately kept rooms and facilities. It's a good family choice, with plenty of children's activities on offer and family suites available. Facilities include an excellent spa, a restaurant, and huge pool.

Map of Attractions & Things to Do in Side

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