Karen Hastings Bio

Aussie author, editor, photographer, and animal-lover, Karen Hastings (KarenHastings.wordpress.com) has lived in nine different countries and visited more than 30. She writes travel guidebooks, travel articles, hotel reviews, and online content, and has a passion for health and conservation issues. Her favorite adventures include crisscrossing Africa and Australia in a temperamental old Land Rover and island hopping in the Caribbean.

In 2011 Karen, her husband Brian, and their children moved to a tiny island in the Bahamas for two years on a quest to live a simple, happy life. You can read about her experiences in her blog, Light Living.

Today Karen is an Island Girl living a simple life in the mountains of Wyoming. (Follow her sea to snow adventures on her new blog, Bare.) When she’s not writing or working on her travel memoir, you’ll find her hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, casting flies at rising trout, and cuddling random pooches.