Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Tourist attractions in Cape Town, South Africa
Often considered to be the jewel of South Africa, Cape Town is set picturesquely along the coast with Table Mountain providing a spectacular back drop to the city.
Tourist attractions in Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg is often overlooked by tourists but the city does have a strong arts and cultural scene and has taken to hosting various national and international events.
Tourist attractions in Durban, South Africa
The modern city of Durban draws large numbers of tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful beach, warm climate, and resort hotels. Parks and green spaces dot the city.
Tourist attractions in Stellenbosch, South Africa
Stellenbosch, not far from Cape Town, is a lovely city and an old settlement that has preserved much of its heritage from around the time of the Dutch East India Company.
Tourist attractions in Pretoria, South Africa
Pretoria is a city of parks and green spaces, historic buildings, well kept residential areas, and universities. Attractions are spread out and may take some time to see.

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