13 Top-Rated Beaches on Fuerteventura

Written by Michael Law and Lana Law
Apr 14, 2023
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Authors Michael and Lana Law visited the beaches of Fuerteventura on an extended trip through Spain in the fall of 2022.

Fuerteventura has some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands. The combination of blindingly white sand blown in from Africa and the cobalt waters frequently makes the rounds on social media. They're the kind of beaches that will make you say, "I want to go there!"

Playa Castillo
Playa Castillo | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

This long slender Spanish island has beaches along both sides and at each end. The beaches come in all forms — some run for miles; others are tiny coves; others have been created by the hand of man and have large luxury resorts and lively towns behind them.

Plan your sun and sand adventure with our list of the best beaches on Fuerteventura.

1. Beaches of Parque Natural de Corralejo

Playa Larga
Playa Larga | Photo Copyright: Michael Law

Parque Natural de Corralejo is known for sand: dunes and beaches. The beaches here should be on your must-see list when visiting Fuerteventura. Grandes Playas Corralejo and Playa Larga are backed by massive sand dunes formed when the sand blows across the ocean from the Saharan Desert, and they are truly spectacular.

In some areas, it takes a bit of effort to walk from your car to the water's edge across the dunes, but once you are there, you'll be glad you made the effort. Silky soft sand is washed by crystal-clear waters. Once you sit down, you can't help but smile at your good fortune.

Playa Baja Negro
Playa Baja Negro | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

If the walk sounds too labor intensive or you've got a car full of beach toys, head to Playa Baja Negro. You'll be able to drive to the back of the beach where handy wooden walkways lead across the sand to the water's edge. This beach is located in front of the giant Hotel RIU Oliva Beach Resort. The Riu is the only accommodation available in the park.

No matter which beach you choose, set up your beach gear and settle into a book, or do nothing except gaze out at the cobalt-blue waters stretching to Africa, only 100 kilometers away.

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2. Playa Sotavento

Playa Sotavento and the hills behind
Playa Sotavento and the hills behind | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Perhaps the most photographed beach on Fuerteventura, Sotavento is truly spectacular. A huge, flat expanse of Saharan sand is washed by the tides each day, creating shallow, warm water just perfect for lolling about in.

The beach is truly massive both in length and width and is everchanging. Finding your own perfect, private patch of sand is never an issue here. Waves are a non-issue; only at the shoreline will you find anything slightly concerning. Most people tend to swim in the shallows as opposed to the chilly ocean.

Playa Sotavento
Playa Sotavento | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Playa Sotavento has a unique natural feature: a disappearing lagoon. For about a week once a month coinciding with the moon cycle and the tide, a huge shallow lagoon forms at the back of the beach. If it's windy, it's here that kiters and windsurfers race across butter-flat waters at incredible speeds and perform crazy aerial tricks.

3. Playa Matorral

View over Playa Matorral
View over Playa Matorral | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

This massive beach, located in front of the tourist town of Morro del Jable, is a sand paradise.

A favorite for bathers and beach walkers, the beach runs for over three kilometers and is pancake-flat. Each area of the beach has its own feel. The southern end is busy and lively, with many resort guests making the most of the beach. The midway area of the beach is less busy and more family-friendly. The lighthouse marks the end of the beach and at this point, it's fairly deserted.

Back from the beach are rest rooms, chair rental shops, restaurants, shops, and a busy pedestrian walkway. Lifeguards are on duty year-round.

4. Playa Jandia

Playa Jandia
Playa Jandia

Beautiful and lonely, Playa Jandia starts where Playa Mattoral ends at the lighthouse. This area is exceptionally wide and this is the place to come for a bit of solitude. The beach has a few services and is relatively deserted most of the time.

It's a good spot to wander — you'll have a chance to see birdlife and other wildlife in the scrub and salt marshes behind the beach.

If you've wanted to give surfing a try or have your own gear, the waves by the cliffs at the northern end of this beach are some of the best on the island. Pop into Surfer's Island and they'll get you all outfitted and ready to go. Courses range from two to six days in length.

5. Playa El Cotillo

Playa El Cotillo
Playa El Cotillo | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

The stunning beach of El Cotillo is set between volcanic outcrops extending into the ocean. The sand is powdery soft and the water warm, unlike the beaches on the other side of the island.

The beach changes in size as the tide comes in and out. Although the beach area back from the water is very large, the actual swimming area, especially at low tide, is relatively small. The beach can be busy, as several hotels are located in behind.

The feeling of floating in the calm, warm waters with black lava flows on either side is sublime. Playa El Cotillo has few services; be sure to bring all your own beach gear and snacks. It's a bit of a walk back to where the restaurants are located in town.

6. Playa del Moro

Playa del Moro
Playa del Moro | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

This small beach sandwiched between two rocky headlands is spectacularly beautiful. A small arc of sand is protected from the wind and is as close to perfect as possible.

No long walks across the sand to reach this beach; just park the car in the lot along the highway and walk down a short ramp and you are here. Bring all the gear and water toys you want knowing that at the end of the day, it's an easy commute back to the car.

Mid-sized waves wash ashore, and they are perfect for bodysurfing, boogie boarding, or surfing. If you are thinking of taking a surfing lesson or are already proficient, you'll probably end up here. Beginner surfers ride the shore break; those with more experience ride the waves near the southern headland.

The beach has no services, but a lifeguard is usually on duty. The beach is located near the southern border of the Parque Natural de Corralejo.

7. Playa Castillo (Caleta de Fuerta)

Playa Castillo
Playa Castillo | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Located mid-island and backed by several large resorts including the Barceló Fuerteventura Castillo, this man-made beach is perfect for families. Warm shallow waters lap up against golden sand, and the large breakwater ensures the conditions never get too rough.

On the sand, you'll find an extensive selection of sun beds and loungers from which you can gaze out at the waters and watch the boats come and go from the marina.

This beach has the bonus of having an ancient castle located nearby. The Castillo de San Buenaventura dates from the 18th century and was a military structure used to ward off seaborne raiders. Walk across the drawbridge and up to the top for good views of the beach and surrounding landscape.

Don't be surprised if you see a small nurse shark when swimming. The warm shallow waters of the beach are a protected breeding ground.

8. Playa Esmerelda

Playa Esmeralda
Playa Esmeralda | Photo Copyright: Michael Law

If you are looking for a bit of privacy in a natural setting, Esmerelda might just be the place for you. Off on its own in between Costa Calma beach and Sotavento, this delightful little beach is reached by walking down a dirt trail to the water's edge.

Sandwiched between two headlands, the beach sees relatively few visitors and as a result, has no services. Bring all your beach gear and be prepared to haul it about 200 meters to the sand.

Esmerelda is a good place to frolic in the waves. A fairly decent shore break is on offer here for those who like to do a bit of body surfing or boogie boarding. The beach is too small for any kind of meaningful surfing.

The beach is reached by following a dusty and bumpy road to a large parking area.

9. Flag Beach (Playa del Medano)

Kiteboarders on Flag Beach
Kiteboarders on Flag Beach | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Flag Beach, also known as Playa del Medano, is a long stretch of white sand just southeast of Corralejo.

This is the number one spot for kiteboarding, winging, and windsurfing on the north end of Fuerteventura. If the wind is up, take a stroll out and watch the colorful kites go racing back and forth. If the wind is down, bring a towel and umbrella and find your perfect patch of sand. You'll be treated to incredible views out to Lobos Island from your beach chair.

Access is easy; just park along FV-104 and walk to the beach along the sandy trails.

10. Playa La Concha

Playa La Concha
Playa La Concha | Photo Copyright: Michael Law

Most people stop at El Cotillo beach when they first reach town. That's okay — it's an easy thing to do, as it's beautiful. But if you drive on just a little bit farther to the north, you'll come across an even better beach: La Concha.

La Concha has a large swimming area and is very protected from the waves owing to the point of land that separates it from El Cotillo. The setting is stunning: ancient black lava rock on either side and white sand in the middle with shallow cobalt-colored waters.

La Concha is popular with families, as the waters are generally calm and warm, making it easy for youngsters to get in and stay in the ocean.

11. Playa Esquinzo-Butihondom

Playa Esquinzo-Butihondom
Playa Esquinzo-Butihondom | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

This delightful stretch of sand is set below a steep cliff. It's a beach used mostly by guests of the resorts located on the hillside above. The fortunate folks staying at the spectacular Fuerteventura Princess have the run of the place, but that doesn't mean you can't visit.

Snag a free parking spot on the street and walk down the public access trail between the resorts. At the end of the walkway, a panorama of dark cliffs, white sands, and blue water unfolds. The beach is somewhat protected from the prevailing winds and waves by the headlands, so if it's breezy or rough, walk to the north end of the beach for better conditions.

12. Playa Cofete

Playa Cofete
Playa Cofete

A trip to Playa Cofete is not something to be taken lightly. It's nearly an hour each way along a twisty dirt road. However, if you and your car are up for the adventure, the beach is quite spectacular.

This is the wild side of Fuerteventura. Over here, the island takes the full brunt of the Atlantic Ocean. Large waves and wind are the norm. It's not a place for a casual swim in the ocean, plus the water is cold.

One oddity that's off the beach and worth a short detour is the former home of Gustav Winter. Stories abound about the true purpose of the place. Some say it was a Nazi hideout; others say it was a submarine base. Swing by and make your own judgment.

13. The Beaches of Corralejo Town

Playa de Corralejo Viejo
Playa de Corralejo Viejo | Photo Copyright: Michael Law

If you are staying in Corralejo and want an easy urban beach, these are for you. Located right in the heart of the city, this small stretch of beaches is a pleasant place to while away an afternoon.

The northern stretch of beach is Playa de Corralejo Viejo, and it is the most popular area. Relatively protected from the ocean, the waters tend to be calm and good for swimming. A favorite pastime here is lying out on the sand and watching the boats come and go from the busy marina located nearby.

In behind the beach runs a concrete walkway where you'll find a good assortment of waterside restaurants serving up fresh seafood along with other cuisines. Their patios are exceptional places to soak up the scene on the beach below and to gaze out at the peaks of Isla de Lobos off in the distance.

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