Tourist Attractions in Germany

Tourist attractions in Berlin, Germany
Berlin is the political and cultural heart of Germany. Classical musical institutions along with fine museums and art galleries have long been a part of the city's history.
Tourist attractions in Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt is a commercial, financial, and transportation hub in Germany. Modern high-rises reflect post war development while the restored Old Town still attracts tourists.
Tourist attractions in Munich, Germany
The centuries old city of Munich is a mix of old and new, where various architectural styles co-exist. The vibrant cultural scene is often compared to that of Berlin.
Tourist attractions in Hamburg, Germany
Tour the Hamburg Speicherstadt with the old brick-built warehouses that line the waterfront. Then wander through the museums and galleries of this splendid port city.
Tourist attractions in Cologne, Germany
Cologne grew up around the landmark cathedral that still exits and is today an important university town. Architectural treasures abound with old churches, museums, and halls.
Tourist attractions in Dusseldorf, Germany
Wide streets, boutiques, parks, and gardens characterize Dusseldorf. The city is today closely associated with fashion, art, architecture, culture, and commerce.
Tourist attractions in Stuttgart, Germany
Shopping, dining, museums, and parks await visitors in Stuttgart. Historic buildings line the valley and steep streets lead to the homes built on the surrounding hills.

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