From Zurich to Mount Titlis: 3 Best Ways to Get There

Written by Diana Bocco
Updated Jan 20, 2023
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Whether you're visiting the mountain for some active snow fun or for the amazing Alpine views, Mount Titlis is one of the best high-altitude destinations in the country all year.

The easiest way to get from Zurich to Mount Titlis to get the most out of your trip is to join a guided tour, as these usually combine all the major activities in the area into a full day — tickets and equipment rental included — where you can skip the lines and get right into the action.

For independent travelers, the train offers great views and a chance to experience a different side of Switzerland. By car is another alternative.

To help you plan your trip — no matter how you choose to reach your destination — here are the best ways to travel from Zurich to Mount Titlis.

1. From Zurich to Mount Titlis by Tour Bus

TITLIS Rotair cable car on Mount Titlis
TITLIS Rotair cable car on Mount Titlis

There are no public buses you can take to get you to Mount Titlis, so if you want to reach the mountain on a bus, you'll have to find a tour one. A good option is the Mount Titlis Snow Experience Day from Zurich tour, which lets you experience the best of the mountain and spend a day playing in the snow before you head back to Zurich.

The tour departs at 9:30 from the Sihlquai Bus Terminal in Zurich, where an air-conditioned vehicle with a multilingual guide will pick you up for a nine-hour adventure, including the best of the Mount Titlis and the lakes around it.

The first few minutes of the drive take you through the streets of Zurich, where you'll see the Albis Pass mountain pass and drive along the shores of Lake Lucerne, also known as the Lake of the Four Cantons because of the four sharp bends that define its shape.

Here, you'll stop at Lake Lucerne for a photo opportunity. Lake Lucerne is surrounded by steep mountains and has soft greenish-blue waters. After your guide points out some of the most important landmarks around —including the covered wooden Chapel Bridge and the 17th-century Baroque Jesuit Church — you'll have an hour to discover the Old Town center and the beautiful shoreline before you continue on to the next stop.

Your next stop is Lake Trubsee, accessed by an aerial cable car. Here, you'll spend 60 minutes playing in the snow — borrow skis to slide down the mountain or grab a snow tube for some easier fun if you can't ski.

After an hour of fun, you'll be on your way again to take the TITLIS Rotair, the world's first revolving cable car, to the top of Mount Titlis. During the five-minute-long ascent, the cable car rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing all-around panoramic views over the snow-covered peaks before you reach the summit station, over 3,000 meters above sea level.

Take in the impressive mountain views for 60 minutes before you take the cable back down. After this, your driver will take you back to the original departure point in Zurich.

2. From Zurich to Mount Titlis By Train

Engelberg valley and Mount Titlis
Engelberg valley and Mount Titlis

If you're traveling on your own, the best way to reach Mount Titlis is by train. The journey takes just under two hours and offers some stunning views along the way — lakes and waterways, snow-kissed mountain peaks, and charming little mountain villages all make for great photo opportunities.

Trains depart from Zürich Hauptbahnhof station every hour starting at 6am. You'll need to catch the Zentralbahn train and get off at the Lucerne station 45 minutes later. Here, find the train to Engelberg, which leaves every hour on the hour.

The one-hour journey from here to Mount Titlis offers awe-inspiring landscapes of vast mountain ranges, picturesque flowering valleys, and some of the country's most dramatic scenery.

Once you arrive at the station, you can catch Bus No.1 right outside. It's a free shuttle that will bring you right to TITLIS valley station, at the foot of the mountain. On a nice day, walking the route is a better option — it's just 10 minutes away on foot, and you'll get to breathe the clean mountain air and snap some shots along the way.

Tip: Leave from Zurich early in the morning to enjoy a full day on Mount Titlis. With so many things to see and do on the mountain and almost four hours spent just on transportation, an early morning train is the only way to truly make the most of your visit to Mount Titlis.

Another reason to allow several hours on the mountain is that foggy, cloudy days don't allow for great visibility of the stunning surroundings — and the longer you spend on the mountain, the higher the chances the weather will clear up even on an overcast day.

3. From Zurich to Mount Titlis by Car

Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe's highest suspension bridge
Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe's highest suspension bridge

If you're up for the adventure of exploring completely on your own, you can rent a car at Zurich airport and find your way to Engelberg and then to Mount Titlis.

The fastest route between the two points is via highway A4/A2. There's 91 kilometers between Zurich and Mount Titlis – about one hour and 15 minutes driving in good traffic conditions. You will need a GPS for this route, as there are plenty of name changes, half exits, and turns along the way, and it's not very clear which one gets you to your destination.

On the way, you'll cross Lake Lucerne, which has plenty of public parking spaces available — including a large one at the railway station — so you can stop at any point for some great photo opportunities. This is also a great stop for an early lunch or dinner on your way back to the car.

The pleasant drive gets a little tricky in the second half, as winding, icy mountain roads can be difficult to maneuver in winter. The breathtaking views along the way more than make up for it — but the roads are often narrow once you're driving up the mountains, so no stopping for pics here. If you're arriving in winter, make sure you have some experience driving in icy winter conditions before renting a car.

Once you reach Engelberg, you must park your car at the TITLIS valley station (parking is per day, not per hour, and costs double in winter) and continue the rest of the way up the mountain using a cable lift — cars are not allowed at the foot of the mountain, and much of the center of town is pedestrian-only, so be ready to explore on foot.

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