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The famous cathedral city of Naumburg lies on the northeastern edge of the Thuringian Basin, just above the junction of the Unstrut with the Saale. Vines are grown on the slopes above the valley.

Naumburg Cathedral

The Late Romanesque and Early Gothic Cathedral (Dom) of SS. Peter and Paul, one of Europe's finest cathedrals, stands in the episcopal quarter of Naumburg. It is an aisled cruciform basilica with a vaulted roof, two choirs, four towers and a cloister. Begun at some time before 1213, it underwent much alteration in later periods, down to the 19th century. The oldest part is the Romanesque crypt under the east choir (c. 1170), part of an earlier church on the site.
Naumburg Cathedral - Floor plan map Naumburg Cathedral Map

Founder Figures

The twelve figures of founders in the west choir of Naumburg's cathedral, masterpieces by some anonymous Naumburg master (after 1250), are world-famed. All the figures, carved in limestone, are life-size. The best known pairs are Uta and Ekkehard and Reglindis and Hermann.
Also of outstanding quality are the reliefs of the Passion on the west choir screen (the Last Supper, the Arrest of Christ, Christ before Pilate, the Scourging, the Bearing of the Cross, etc.; on the doorway the Crucifixion). Other notable features are the medieval stained glass in some of the windows, several altars and sculptures and a number of fine monuments.
On the south side of the Cathedral, incorporated in the cloister, is the parish church of St Mary (Marienkirche). A little way west is St Giles' Church (Ägidienkirche), with a two-story Late Romanesque chapel (early 13th c.).

Town Hall

The Cathedral Steinweg in Naumburg (crossing the Lindenring) and Herrenstrasse lead to the large Markt. On the west side of the square stands the Late Gothic Town Hall (1527-38), with dormers on the gables. It has a richly decorated interior (spiral staircase, Council Chamber with stucco ceiling).
On the south side of the Markt are the Schlösschen (No. 6) and a mansion that belonged to Duke Moritz of Saxony-Zeitz (No. 7).

St Wenceslas' Church

Just off the square in Naumburg is St Wenceslas' Church (St Wenzel), a Late Gothic hall-church (1218-1523) with rich sculptural decoration which was the town's principal church outside the episcopal quarter. It has an organ by Z. Hildebrand on which Johann Sebastian Bach played and a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder, "Christ the Friend of Children." The 67m/220ft high tower can be climbed during the summer months; fine views of the town from the top.


Marienstrasse leads to the Marientor in Naumburg, an excellently preserved 15th C. town gate, with an outer gateway, wall walk, inner gatehouse, portcullis and watchtower. On the outer gateway are a Virgin and Child and the town's coat of arms. Performances by the Naumburg Puppet Theater are given in the inner gatehouse. There are some remains of the old town walls.

St Maurice's Church

To the west of Naumburg Cathedral, on the site of an old monastery dedicated to St Maurice, can be found the Late Gothic St Maurice's Church (St Moritz); to the south of the Cathedral is St Othmar's Church (Baroque).


At Grochlitzer Strasse 49-51 in Naumburg is the Museum on the History of Naumburg.

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