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Rome is the capital of the Republic of Italy, the region of Latium and the province of Rome, as well as Italy's largest city. It lies in latitude 41°52' north and longitude 12°30' east, some 20km/12mi from the Tyrrhenian Sea in the middle of the hilly Campagna di Roma, on the River Tiber (Tevere), the third longest river in Italy (after the Po and the Adige). The city itself covers an area some 9km/5.5mi in diameter; the commune of Rome has an area of more than 1,500 sq.mi.

Ancient Rome


Via del Corso and Side Streets


Vatican City

Vatican CityVatican City

Centro Storico

Centro StoricoCentro Storico

Quirinal and Villa Borghese District

Villa BorgheseVilla Borghese

Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano

Basilica of St John LateranBasilica of St John Lateran

Rome - Aventine




Outside the Walls

Santa Maria MaggioreSanta Maria Maggiore


Villa d'Este Gardens in TivoliVilla d'Este Gardens in Tivoli

Tivoli, Italy

Subiaco, Italy


Lago di Albano

This crater lake (about 3.5km/2mi long, 2km/1.25mi wide; alt. 293m/960ft; greatest depth 170m/560ft) is of extraordinary beauty from whatever viewpoint it is seen. The level of the lake is maintained at a constant height by an emissary or tunnel 2,500m/2,700yd long, 1.2m/4ft wide and 1.6m/5ft high which drains surplus water into the Tiber. The emissary was originally constructed by Roman engineers in 397 B.C., following a prophecy that Rome could not conquer the Etruscan city of Veii until the water of the lake had been drained.

Grottaferrata, Italy

No tour of the Castelli Romani area would be complete without a visit to the old abbey of the Basilians (an order of the Greek Catholic Church) at Grottaferrata, described by Pope Leo XIII at the end of the 19th century as "a jewel from the East in the Papal tiara". The abbey, situated at an altitude of 329m/1,080ft, is not only a venerable old religious house with some notable works of art but an example of Renaissance defensive architecture.

Frascati, Italy

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