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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Pompeii

The ruined city of Pompeii lies 20km/12mi southeast of Naples at the foot of Vesuvius, near the Gulf of Naples.

It is the finest example of a Roman town and its way of life, presented to modern eyes by excavation.

To the east of the ancient site is the newer settlement, known until 1929 as Valle di Pompei, with a conspicuous domed church, Santa Maria del Rosario, which is visited by countless pilgrims (particularly on May 8th and on the first Sunday in October).

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Tour of Pompeii

Pompeii RuinsPompeii Ruins View slideshow

Street of Tombs

Street of TombsStreet of Tombs

The Street of Tombs is lined with monuments dedicated to prominent people of the day. It is one of the highlights of Pompeii.

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