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Hay River Tourist Attractions

Hay River is one of the largest places in the Mackenzie District. On the southern bank of Great Slave Lake, it is the southernmost port on the Mackenzie river system.

Old Town

The little wooden houses of the old town lie at the mouth of the Hay River, where the quays are piled high with supplies for dispatch to distant settlements. This is also where the fishermen live, often returning home with rich catches from the Great Slave Lake or Hay and Mackenzie rivers.

New Town

Devastating floods led to Hay River building of a new town center on higher ground.
The new town area was built in the mid 1960s following the flooding of 1963. Despite the move, Hay River is still effected by flooding in the spring.

Twin Falls Territorial Park

The most notable feature of Twin Falls Territorial Park are the Alexandra and Louise Falls. A spiral staircase leads visitors to the top of the Hay River canyon at the lip of the Louise Falls. An interpretive walking trail winds along the top of the Hay River Gorge from Alexandra Falls to Louise Falls. Display panels at Twin Falls Territorial Park discuss the importance of the falls to the First Nations people of the region.

Diamond Jenness School

The Diamond Jenness School, opposite the tower block, is an outstanding example of northern architecture. Named after an anthropologist who, around 1910, was the first to study northern native culture, its color purple makes it the landmark of Hay River.

Hay River Coast Guard Station

Anyone wanting to find out more about the kind of situation that can arise on Great Slave Lake and along the MacKenzie River should arrange to visit the Hay River Coast Guard station.

Hay River Indian Reserve

Hay River Indian Reserve, a few miles outside the town, centers on the old Hudson's Bay Company's trading post, where there are still a few old buildings, including a church.
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