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The independent State of Malta, a Republic within the British Commonwealth consisting of the main island of Malta(area 95sq.mi/246 sq. km), the adjoining islands of Gozo (26 sq. miles/67 sq. km) and Comino (1 sq. mile/2-6 sq. km) and the uninhabited rocky islets of Cominotto, Filfla and Selmunett, lies in the Central Mediterranean at the E end of the Sicilian Channel, 60 miles/93 km from the southern tip of Sicily and 180 miles/288 km from the Tunisian coast to the W. The islands extend from NW to SE for a distance of some 27 miles/44 km, rising to a maximum height of 830 ft/253 m. The Maltese Islands are the last remains of a land bridge which during the Late Tertiary era and the Glacial periods of the Pleistocene linked Sicily with North Africa and divided the Mediterranean into two.

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St Pauls Bay St Pauls Bay Map (Historical)
Maltese Islands Maltese Islands Map (Historical)
Mnajdra Mnajdra Map (Historical)