Tourist Attractions in Japan

Tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, capital of Japan, is a modern city with many of the country's most important cultural attractions including museums and theatres, along with fine restaurants.
Tourist attractions in Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto maintains a wealth of historical treasures with countless old temples, many containing fabulous works of art. The city setting is also striking, surrounded by mountains.
Tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan
Osaka is a modern city and an important commercial and industrial center. Stop by the Osaka Castle for a taste of history and then enjoy fine cuisine at local restaurants.
Tourist attractions in Hiroshima, Japan
Long associated with the Atomic bomb and the impact of WWII, Hiroshima today is known as a city of peace. The Peace Memorial Park is one of the city's biggest attractions.
Tourist attractions in Nagoya, Japan
Nagoya is an important port city, as well as industrial center. Visit the Nagoya Castle, the Atsuta Shrine, or some of the museums for a glimpse of local history.

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