Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Tourist attractions in Paphos, Cyprus
A Byzantine fort stands above the beautiful harbor which was originally built by Alexander the Great. The historic city of Paphos is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tourist attractions in Limassol, Cyprus
The tourist center of Limassol is a city with a long history. It was once the headquarters of the Knights of St John, the home of kings, and today still displays a castle.
Tourist attractions in Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia, capital of Cyprus, is an inland city full of history with roots to the 7th Century. The Green Line separates the Turkish portion of the city from the Greek side.
Tourist attractions in Agia Napa, Cyprus
The seaside resort of Agia Napa is a delightful mix of beaches and culture, with great places to lay in the sun, fine restaurants, and a wonderful medieval monastery.
Tourist attractions in Larnaca, Cyprus
Ancient architecture in the morning, beautiful beaches in the afternoon, fine dining in the evening, Larnaca, is a town that will please any traveler's tastes.

Cyprus offers a unique travel experience, where visitors can experience the cultures of two different countries on one small island. Greece and Turkey each control parts of modern day Cyprus. But, travelers will find many of the country's treasures have roots that date back hundreds and thousands of years, with ruins built upon earlier ruins. Cyprus offers a good mix of interesting town and cities, archeological attractions, and recreational activities.

One of the main towns and tourist attractions on Cyprus is Paphos. The entire town, which was a main center on Cyprus during Roman times, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Above the harbor is the 16th C Paphos Fort, while nearby can be found the 2nd to 4th C ruins of the Villa of Dionysos. Explore the old port, the museums, or take a tour to the nearby Adonis Falls.

Limassol is another popular tourist destination, with a pleasant waterfront lined by a promenade. With a good mix of old and new, visitors can choose to wander through the ancient sites and museums, or spend the day shopping. Some of the sightseeing attractions in Limassol include the 14th C Fort, the Promenade, and the nearby village of Omodos.

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is located inland, and as a result receives fewer visitors. There are several things to do and see here though, so travelers should consider putting it on their agenda if they have the time. Its history dates to the 7th C but the city's most striking features are the Venetian Walls, built in the late 15th C. There are several interesting museums in Nicosia, offering a glimpse into the history and culture of the capital and the island. A good place to start is the Leventis Municipal Museum of Lefkosia.

While there are numerous cities and towns to explore all over the island, Cyprus is also a good place to get active. If you are looking for things to do, consider a hike through the Troodos Mountains on one of the many nature trails, or take a mountain biking tour. In winter, you may even be able to hit the slopes for a little skiing on Mount Olympus.

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