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Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus,, the only large town in the interior of the island, grew up in the seventh century A.D. on the theater of ancient Ledra.

Walled City

Cyprus Museum

Outside the town walls of Nicosia is the very fine Cyprus Museum, with everyday objects and works of art ranging in date from the Neolithic period to Roman times (about 5800 B.C. to A.D.300).
The museum has a fascinating collection of Cypriot antiquities and treasures from the Neolithic Age to the Early Byzantine period.
The history of the island is chronicled in displays that run in an anti-clockwise direction around the museum.
There also are statues in the garden.
Address: Mouseiou 1, Cyprus


Room Nine of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia is underground and has representations of rock-cut tombs (2500 B.C.-400 B.C.) along with the objects found in them. Room 10 has votive inscriptions and other artifacts from tombs, while Room 13 has marble statues from Salamis. Room 14 contains terra-cotta figurines and leads back to the entrance.

Votive Figures

Room Four of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia includes the real highlight of the museum: votive figures from 7-6 B.C., found at Ayia Irini, near Morphou. The figurines are displayed as they were found, gathered around a single altar. They include minotaurs, warriors and charioteers of different sizes. Out of 2,000 figurines, only two were female.

Mycenean Artifacts

Room Three of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia has exhibits of Mycenean artifacts from Kourion including some fine decorated jugs and some pottery from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The decoration is quite sophisticated and the pottery in the center case is particularly delicate.

Neolithic Artifacts

Room One of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia contains Neolithic artifacts from around the island. There are a large number of Steatite idols and on the right-hand side as you enter is the wall painting found at Kalavassos. It shows a headless man with his hands up.


Room 11 of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia is up some stairs and contains a mosaic showing a dog and a partridge. There are also some very impressive items from Salamis, including a huge bronze cauldron, an ivory chair, bed and throne. Room 12 has temporary exhibitions.

Bronze Age

Room Two of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia covers the Bronze Age with many vases and jugs decorated with rather endearing animals. The clay figurines in the center case are interesting in depicting worshippers at an altar.

Egyptian Amulets

Room Eight of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia has bronze tools and assorted weaponry as well as some statues of gods. The tiny stone seals are very interesting as are the Egyptian amulets and the green-horned god from Engomi.

Sculpture Gallery

Rooms Five and Six of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia serve as a sculpture gallery with artifacts from a wide range of periods. The bearded man on the left-hand side from Tamassus is particularly impressive.


Room Seven of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia contains a limestone female statue from Soli and a huge bronze statue of the Emperor Septimus Severus.

Cyprus International Conference Center

The Cyprus International Conference Center provides an impressive and functional milieu for international meetings. The elegant, single-story building that looks down over Nicosia is the largest and best-equipped conference venue in the Near East. It was designed as a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose meetings venue to accommodate large-scale conventions and association meetings.
The center includes an amphitheater, a large foyer, a media center and recreation facilities. Richly decorated in marble, with the use of mahogany paneling, the center is also used for exhibitions, product launches, and press and guest receptions.
The Philoxenia Hotel is next door.
Address: Box 5670, Cyprus


Kaimakli is one of the oldest suburbs of Nicosia, and is worth visiting. Tourists can walk around the old neighborhoods, which date back to the beginning of the century.

Municipal Gardens & Nicosia Municipal Theater

Across from the Cyprus Museum are the municipal gardens. These are full of trees and flowers and provide a welcome relief from the rush of the city. There are two small aviaries, one near the entrance and one near the children's playground containing larger birds, including vultures. Also in the gardens is the municipal theater which has regular productions of Greek and international plays and is home to the state subsidized theater.

Kykko Metochi

Kykko Metochi, in the heart of the Strovolos suburb, at the junction of Grivas Dighenis Avenue and Ayios Prokopios Street, is a beautiful enclave of medieval-style buildings, surrounded by modern Nicosia. It is possible to wander around the cloisters and look at the painted church. The buildings, while not old, are an interesting and typical example of Cypriot religious architecture.

Municipal Arts Center

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Center is housed in the old power station, one of the finest examples of industrial architecture in Cyprus. The center's aim is to promote contemporary creativity at its highest level.
Address: Odos Apostolou Varnava 19, Boz 1015, Cyprus

Municipal Art Center Library

All libraries in Cyprus are open to the public for reading and local research on the premises.
Address: Odos Apostolou Varnava 19, Boz 1015, Cyprus

St Sophia's Cathedral

In the Turkish-occupied part of Nicosia are the Gothic St Sophia's Cathedral (13th century), in which the kings of Cyprus were crowned (now the Selimiye Mosque), and other medieval buildings.
St Sophia's was one of the many Christian sites in Cyprus that was plundered by Turkish troops when they invaded Cyprus.
No artifacts remain in the cathedral.
Cathedral of St. Sophia (Selimiye Mosque) - Floor plan map Cathedral of St. Sophia (Selimiye Mosque) Map
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Anglo-Cypriot Theater

ACT (the Anglo-Cypriot Theater) presents plays in English three to four times a year - generally in spring, early summer, fall, and during Christmas.
Performances are held in Nicosia and full details are published in local papers, two or three weeks before each production.
Address: Box 25649, Cyprus

CAARI (Cyprus American Archeological Research Institute)

The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute conducts archeological studies and digs on the island. It also sponsors and houses visiting archeologists from all over the world.
The institute often holds seminars and discussions on archeology.
Address: Andrea Demetriou Street 11, Cyprus

Collectors' Center

Cyprus is an ideal gathering place for those who wish to enrich their collection. Auctions are organized at the Collectors' Center of all kinds of collective items, including stamps, old maps, coins and rare antique books.
Meetings take place every Wednesday afternoon.
Address: Odos Pithonos 10, Box 1019, Cyprus

Hamam Omerye

Hamam Omerye is located on a site that dates back to the 14th century when it served as the Augustinian church of St. Mary. Hamam refers to a Turkish steam bath, these architecturally significant buildings played a major role in Middle-Eastern culture.
Address: 8 Tyllirias Square, Cyprus

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace is on Presidential Palace Street. It was built by the British but burned down in 1931. It was rebuilt and used as the official presidential residence after independence, only to burn down again in the coup in 1974. It has since been rebuilt and continues to be the official residence of the president.

Arch Makarios Avenue

This is the shopping district in the town of Nicosia. Along this short strip there are two shopping malls, numerous upscale clothing and jewelry boutiques, and the Woolworth department store.

Cyprus Handicraft Center

At the Cyprus Handicraft Center you can watch artisans weaving, basket-making, wood-carving, producing leather articles, pottery and traditional hand-made copper items.
A large variety of hand-produced products are on sale at the center's shop.
Address: Leoforos Athalassas 186, Cyprus

St Paul's Anglican Church

St Paul's Anglican Church is a quaint building, designed in the Anglican look, contrasting with the many Orthodox churches in the city.
Main service is held every Sunday at 9:30am. The church also hosts numerous other events throughout the year.


The bazaar of the old town of Nicosia is full of interest, with shops selling a variety of craft products.

Cyprus State Art Gallery

The gallery has a representative collection of paintings and sculpture by 20th century Cypriot artists.
Address: Leoforos Stassinou & Odos Kritis, Cyprus
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