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Buda Ring, Budapest Budai körút

The semi-circular Buda Ring (Budai körút) encircles Castle Hill like a crescent moon. The road leads from the western end of Elisabeth Bridge and sweeps northward in a long arc to the western end of Margaret Bridge. The most important stretches of this ring road are Krisztina körút/Attila út and Margit körút.

Rose Hill

Rose Hill (Rózsadomb) has long been one of Budapest's most exclusive residential areas. Elegant villas, large gardens (some unfortunately overgrown), avenues and footpaths extend to Cool Valley (Huvösvölgy). On the side of the hill facing the Danube a modern trade union convalescent home is visible from a considerable distance.

Bubapest - Turbe of Gül Baba

In the grounds of an old villa can be found the Turbe (mausoleum) of a Muslim Dervish Gül Baba (Turkish for "rose father"), which was built between 1543 and 1548. Gül Baba died during a festival in Matthias Church after it had been converted into a mosque.
The rather plain octagonal domed building in which his sarcophagus is housed is now a museum open to the public; exhibits include memorabilia of Gül Baba and the Bektazi Order.

Margaret Bridge

Municipal Park

Városmajor Park (Municipal Park) is about 10ha (25 ac) in extent. This welcome green area is nearly 200 years old and was once used for hunting. The old trees are a charming feature and these, together with the attractive tennis-courts and games areas, attract many citizens on fine days. On the northwest side of the park stands the Hotel Budapest, an imposing circular tower block of 18 stories. A cog-wheel railroad nearby ascends to Széchenyi-hegy.

Stamp Museum

The Stamp Museum presents all the stamps that have ever been issued around the world. Several special stamps such as the Hungarian "reserved Madonna", the Hawaii "missionary stamps", the smallest and biggest stamps of the world, and a collection of forgeries are displayed.

Moscow Square

Moscow Square (Moskva ter), one of the most important traffic hubs of the inner city, is dominated by the brick building topped with a crown, which houses the postal administration.

Hay Square

Széna tér (Hay Square) is the site of the former shooting-range, built in 1826, and remains of the medieval town fortifications.

Museum of Theatrical History

A little to the north of the Parish church visitors will find the interesting Budapest Museum of Theatrical History (SzÍnháztörténeti Múzeum) which is well worth a visit.
Address: Krisztina krt. 57, Budapest, Pest 1013, Hungary

Parish Church of Christinatown

The interesting church of Christinatown (Krisztinavárosi plébánia-templom) stands to the west below the Castle Palace. It was built in the Baroque style at the end of the 18th C.

Meadow of Blood

The Meadow of Blood (Vérmezö) is where the instigators of the Hungarian Jacobin Movement were executed in 1795.

South Station

The very modern South Station (Déli pályaudvar), opened in 1977. In the semi-circular station forecourt is a very impressive work in enamel by Viktor Vasarély.

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