Geography: Maps and Landforms

Written by Lana Law

The study of geography deals with the locations of places such as cities, states or countries. It also concerns the features of a place such as its rivers, mountains or deserts. By studying the geography of an area, scientists can learn about the animal and plant life that live there. Also, geographical records reveal changes in an area's landforms that have occurred over time. The study of geography allows people to learn about their environment.

A kid who wants to learn more about geography doesn't have to look across the ocean to another continent. Kids can study the geography of their city or even their own neighborhood. Kids can look out the window of their school bus and observe the landforms around them. For example, a kid may cross a river in order to get to school or ride past a lake. Geographical observations may also include the direction that the bus travels from a kid's home to the school. The types of animals that live in the area also play a part in the environment a location. Kids can find out a lot about the geography of their hometown by simply looking out the car or bus window. The following offers further information on the topic of geography.

Learn About Geography

  • Learning about Our Planet: Kids can learn facts about the earth as well as its atmosphere on this informative page.
  • Geography Facts for Kids: Learn about geography with a selection of quizzes and activities (in the games section) that includes a quiz on Mount Everest and a Grand Canyon challenge.
  • Studying Maps: Look at several maps including some that feature countries, states, and continents to learn more about the geography of various locations.
  • Geographic Features: Oceans, deserts, lakes, and mountains are just a few of the geographic formations that kids have the opportunity to read about.
  • A List of Geographical Facts: Do you know the name of the longest river in the world? Or, the largest waterfall? Find the answers to these questions and more on this page.
  • All about Geography: Discover various topics within the subject of geography including climate, atmosphere, biosphere, and others.
  • Understanding Geography: Students, teachers, and parents can peruse this collection of information on the subject of geography.

Test Your Knowledge! And Games!

  • Geography Challenges: Choose a continent, a country, or the world itself for a selection of challenging geography questions.
  • Geography Map Quizzes: Students can test their knowledge of geography with these map questions.
  • Questions on Geography Issues: A selection of intriguing questions about the earth's oceans, its landforms, and even its animals.
  • Questions on the World's Geography: Questions about countries, continents, and state capitals will challenge students and parents alike.
  • Geography Learning Games: Learn about the geography of Canada, the Caribbean, and the Middle East along with other parts of the world.
  • A Quick Geography Quiz: A gathering of questions about landforms will test the knowledge of geography enthusiasts.

For Teachers

  • Geography Resources for Teachers: Activities on countries, states, maps, and determining direction on a compass are among the helpful resources for teachers.
  • Geography Activities: Teachers may peruse this page to match an activity with a geography lesson. There are activities concerning place, location, movement, and more.
  • Puzzles, Games, and Visual Activities: A page with resources such as games, puzzles, and videos to help a teacher enhance his or her geography lesson.
  • Geography-Related Lesson Plans for Teachers: Teachers will find lesson plans with a focus on maps, landforms, regions, and more.
  • Lesson Plans for Geography Classes: Find a selection of lesson plans with a geography theme.
  • Geography Lesson Plans by Grade Level: Geography teachers will find a collection of lesson plans categorized by grade level. Click on a lesson plan and find the particulars involved in the lesson.
  • Lesson Plans for Various Geographical Locations: Canada, the United States, and South America are among the locations in the world that are covered by the lesson plans available on this page.
  • Geography Game Ideas for Teachers: Look at several suggestions for teachers looking for engaging games for geography students.


  • Maps of All Types: Political and physical maps are available for students to study.
  • Maps of the Continents: Check out this expansive collection of maps that includes the continents as well as information on atlases.
  • Map of the World: Click on a particular continent or country and learn more about its geography.
  • A Matching Game with the States: Follow the directions of this game and learn about the various states that make up the United States.
  • The United Nations Cartographic Section: The UN has provided many different types of maps, including region and world maps.

Landforms and Biomes

  • Types of Land: This interactive map features different types of land and the characteristics of each.
  • Learning about Landforms: Read a definition of landforms and find some lessons that shed more light on the landforms around us.
  • The Earth's Biomes: Check out a selection of biomes that includes grasslands, taigas, rainforests, and others. Click on an example and learn about it!
  • Fun Learning Activities with a Geography Theme: A jigsaw puzzle of the Grand Canyon, a landform scavenger hunt, and other activities help students to better understand geography.