Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Tourist attractions in Cairo, Egypt
Cairo is home to some of the countries most fascinating museums filled with antiquities. Nearby are the world famous Pyramids of Giza.
Tourist attractions in Alexandria, Egypt
On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is a city with a long and vivid history. Once the land of Cleopatra and Caesar, Alexandria is today a popular resort city.
Tourist attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Sharm El Sheik has long drawn sun seekers who come to enjoy the warm climate and beautiful beaches along the Red Sea. Resort hotels offer the finest in luxury and comfort.
Tourist attractions in Luxor, Egypt
On the right bank of the Nile is the city of Luxor, known in antiquity as Thebes. Today visitors can see the amazing temples and monuments that have stood here for centuries.
Tourist attractions in Hurghada, Egypt
The resort town of Hurghada lies on the shores of the Red Sea. Locals and foreigners descend on the town during the warm months to relax on the beach or dive in the sea.
Tourist attractions in Aswan, Egypt
On the banks of the Nile River is the ancient city of Aswan, surrounded by numerous archeological treasures. Explore the local area on a traditional boat known as a felucca.

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