Tourist Attractions in Croatia

Tourist attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Gracing the shores of the Adriatic is the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Explore the churches, fort, palace, monuments, shops, and restaurants in the historic city center.
Tourist attractions in Split, Croatia
Split is a mix of splendid old architecture and modern industry. The Palace of Diocletian is one of Croatia's most important attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tourist attractions in Zagreb, Croatia
The inland capital of Croatia, Zagreb is a city of parks and a great place to experience the culture. Some of Croatia's best museums and galleries are located in the city.
Tourist attractions in Trogir, Croatia
The city of Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; a medieval town with Hellenistic and Roman roots. Trogir has some wonderful architecture and a pleasant waterfront walkway.
Tourist attractions in Porec, Croatia
The popular summer destination of Porec has a wonderful old town to explore, nearby beaches and resorts with all kinds of water sports, and the beautiful Euphrasius Basilica.
Tourist attractions in Zadar, Croatia
Zadar is a mix of medieval architecture, Roman ruins, and beaches. Wander through the traffic free marble streets of the historic city center and see the St Donat church.

Other Popular Destinations

Ancient towns, modern cities, and lovely coastal areas make Croatia an interesting and popular travel destination. It's lovely situation along the Mediterranean, with beaches, off shore islands, and numerous archeological sites have drawn large numbers of tourist to the country in the past couple of decades.

At the heart of the country's tourism industry is the city of Dubrovnik. With its lovely Old Town and countless historical attractions, the city is the main cultural attraction along the Dalmatian Coast. Visitors can spend days wandering through the narrow streets and sightseeing. From Dubrovnik it is easy to do day trips to nearby towns and explore the attractions of the Peljesac Peninsula. The island of Korcula, with its walled town of the same name, is another great side trip, but it will require more than just a day.

Further north along the coast is the city of Split, with its 4th C, Roman built, Palace of Diocletian. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must see tourist attraction for anyone passing through the city. Visitors may also want to stop by the Mestrovic Gallery to see the works of one of Croatia's most famous sculptors.

Beyond the Croatian Coast, there are also many worthwhile places to visit inland. Most prominent among these is the capital city of Zagreb. For those looking for an introduction to Croatia's culture, Zagreb is home to the country's best museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. It also contains a lovely old town, and the 13th C Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Zagreb's primary landmark building.

From Zagreb, travelers may want to consider traveling west to the port city of Pula. This is not a beach destination, but offers a number of things to do and see. The main tourist attraction is a Roman Amphitheater, once used to host gladiator fights. This is also a lively university town with good restaurants and cultural activities. North of Pula is Porec, built on the ruins of a Roman city and home to the 6th C Byzantine Euphrasius Basilica. Porec can also be used as abase for exploring other areas of Istria.

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