Zagreb Tourist Attractions

Zagreb (Zagreba), the capital of Croatia, is not generally regarded as a tourist destination. Most people planning a trip to Croatia head directly for the coast, unfortunately, leaving little time if any to see Zagreb.

Lower Town

Maksimir Park

Designed in an English garden style, Maksimir Park (Maksimirska) is a beautiful green space encompassing almost 18 hectares, the largest park in Zagreb. The park contains two pavilions, Bellevue Pavilion, built in 1843, and Echo Pavilion in a Swiss design. The park has walkways and man made lakes, wooded areas, and flower gardens, making it a great place to relax and stroll. There is also a small zoo with a variety of animals. Maksimir Park, known as Zagreb's living monument, is named for Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac, who was responsible for its construction in 1794.
Acorss from Maksimir park is the Dinamo Football Stadium where Croatia hosts international matches.

Upper Town


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