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Oklahoma City Tourist Attractions

The capital of the state of Oklahoma lies on the southern Great Plains on the North Canadian River. It sadly became famous in April 1995, when a bomb attack by right wing radicals claimed 168 lives. The scene of the attack, the Murrah Federal Building, is still enclosed behind a fence.

Oklahoma City Zoo

Robin on a post at the Oklahoma City Zoo.
The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden has 2,200 animals in their natural habitats.
Highlights include Aquaticus which displays more than 1,500 marine creatures from around the world including sea lions, green sea turtles and coral. The Butterfly Garden is a 20,000 square foot exhibit that showcases the entire life cycle of the butterfly with more than 15,000 plants. The Herpetarium has more than 80 exhibits including Poison Dart Frogs, salamanders, rattlesnakes and the Giant Green Anaconda.
Official site:
Address: 2101 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7106, United States


Aquaticus at the Oklahoma City Zoo features more than 1,500 aquatic creatures including California sea lions, sharks, green sea turtles, and kaleidoscopic coral.

National Cowboy Hall of Fame

3 mi. north-east of the Capitol, is the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, with a large collection of material on the history of the Wild West: pictures and sculptures, the Rodeo Hall of Fame and the John Wayne Collection recall the days of the pioneers and cowboys. Children can try out their skills as cowboys in the Children's Corral.
The museum has a research center.
Address: 1700 NE 63rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

Kirkpatrick Centre

The Kirkpatrick Center houses several museums, including the Oklahoma Air & Space Museum, the Center of the American Indian, the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum, and the Omniplex Science Museum, a "hands-on" science museum with a two-storey high dinosaur.
Address: 2100 NE 52nd, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge

Green house at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City.
In the Myriad Gardens to the south of the Capitol tropical and desert plant worlds have been created in the multi-storey glass tubes of the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory.
Official site:
Address: 301 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City Memorial.
This outdoor memorial is a tribute to the victims, survivors, rescuers and all other people affected by the events of April 19, 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed.
Official site:
Address: Box 676, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0676, United States

Memorial Center Museum

The Memorial Center Museum in Oklahoma City is a memorial to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building which was bombed in 1995. The storyline for the Museum was written in ten chapters which depict the moments following the bombing to the investigation and capture of the bomber Timothy McVeigh.
Address: 620 North Harvey Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

Oklahoma National Stockyards

2 mi. west of the Myriad Gardens are the Oklahoma National Stockyards, the largest stock markets in the world. The noisy auctions held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 a.m. can be attended by non-dealers.

45th Infantry Division Museum

The 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City is located in the Lincoln Park Armory which was built in 1937.
Exhibits at the museum include uniforms, firearms, and more than 60 military vehicles that trace the military history of Oklahoma from 1541 to present day. In 1980, the museum acquired the Reaves Collection which includes a major collection of military hardware from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War.
Address: 2145 NE 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-5302, United States

American Homing Pigeon Institute

The World of Wings Pigeon Center in Oklahoma City was created in 1973 and promotes awareness of all breeds and varieties of pigeons including homing pigeons.
The grounds of the center include a Scottish Pigeon Tower, a rustic gazebo, the Wright Learning Center, the Goldband breeding loft and the Memorial loft that houses white pigeons.
The center includes a library with pigeon literature, memorabilia, and periodicals from as far back as the 1800's.
Official site:
Address: 2300 NE 63rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-8208, United States

State Capitol

Silhouette of Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City at sunset.
The Oklahoma State Capitol is the seat of government for the state. The building was designed and built between 1914 and 1917. It features a central dome that was completed in 2002. It is classic Greco-Roman with an Indiana limestone exterior and a Oklahoma pink and black granite base. The building is surrounded by working oil wells.

Harn Homestead and 1889er Museum

Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City was the former estate of William Fremont Harn, a land agent who investigated land disputes that arose from the land run of 1889. The Victorian style farmhouse was built in 1904 and is now preserved as a museum dedicated to Oklahoma's settlement and heritage.
Official site:
Address: 1721 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States

Oklahoma Firefighters' Museum

The Oklahoma Firefighters' Museum in Oklahoma City was formed in 1968. It contains a collection of fire apparatus, tools and machinery that have been used since 1736 including the first fire station in the Oklahoma Territory which was built in 1864.
Official site:
Address: 2716 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7202, United States

Oklahoma Heritage Center

The Oklahoma Heritage Center in Oklahoma City is the former home of Robert A. Hefner, Sr. and his family. The grounds feature a garden with flowers, fountains, and statuaries. The building features a library and a small chapel. The mansion is filled with furniture and art collected by the Hefners.
Official site:
Address: 1400 Classen Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

Overholser Mansion

Henry Overholser was the founder of Oklahoma City and his home was the first mansion built in the city. The three-story French chateau-style home features English carpets, French stained glass, and Antwerp fine oak paneling. Most of the furnishings are original to the house.
Official site:
Address: 405 NW 15th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3597, United States

Civic Center Music Hall

The Civic Center Music Hall opened as the Municipal Auditorium in 1937. The name was changed in 1967 when it became a performing arts venue. The Hall features three performing arts theatres and two reception areas.
Official site:
Address: 201 North Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

Ford Center

The Ford Center in Oklahoma City is a state-of -the-art sports and entertainment venue. Events include concerts, wrestling, arena football, hockey and basketball. Family shows and monster truck events are also offered.
Official site:
Address: 100 West Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2423, United States

Frontier City

Frontier City in Oklahoma City is a re-created 1880s Oklahoma town and an amusement park. It features more than 50 rides and attractions including four roller coasters, water rides, as well as live shows and musical reviews.
Official site:
Address: 11501 NE Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73131, United States

Gymnastics Hall of Fame

The Gymnastics Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City celebrates the accomplishments of gymnasts from around the world. The museum features an original portrait of each inductee as well as a library and video collection.
Official site:
Address: 2100 NE 52nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

Martin Park Nature Center

The Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City is a 140-acre park which houses a hands-on museum and serves as a wildlife sanctuary. There are walking trails around the center.

National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City was established in 1957 and moved to the city in 1966. The museum features the history of softball and honors over 300 inductees of this amateur sport.
Address: 2801 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7203, United States

Oklahoma History Center

The Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City contains archives and research materials relating to the state's history. Exhibits include the life of Wiley Post, the history of local American Indian tribes, and settler life.
Address: 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States

Spiro Indians

The Spiro Indians lived nearby, south of the I 40 a short distance before the Arkansas border, from the 7th to the 15th C. Eleven of their "mounds" can still be seen.

White Water Bay

White Water Bay in Oklahoma City is a 20-acre water park with water rides, a giant wave pool, body flumes, inner tube courses and a children's playland. The park includes a 277ft/84m long speed slide with a 64ft/20m free fall.
Official site:
Address: 3908 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States


The Omniplex in Oklahoma City is a cultural and education center that houses museums, galleries, gardens and a planetarium.
Official site:
Address: 2100 NE 52nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7107, United States

Red Earth Indian Center

The Red Earth Museum on the second floor of the Omniplex in Oklahoma City is home to the renowned Deupree Cradleboard Collection. The collection represents Native American nations, tribes and bands from throughout the United States. Other displays include American Indian artifacts and art from the prehistoric period to the present day.
Official site:
Address: 6 Santa Fe Plaza, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7107, United States

International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum

The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum is located in the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City. The museum features photographs from around the world. A 360 degree laserscape of the Grand Canyon is a highlight of the hall.
Official site:
Address: 2100 NE 52nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7107, United States

Kirkpatrick Gardens and Greenhouse

The Kirkpatrick Gardens and Greenhouse is located in the Omniplex in Oklahoma City. It features the Kyoto Japanese Meditation Garden, Tropical Greenhouse, and Eleanor Kirkpatrick Memorial Rose Garden.

Omniplex Hands-On Science Museum

The Hands-On Science Museum at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City has over 350 hands-on exhibits as well as educational programs. The Kirkpatrick Planetarium presents daily shows.

Air Space Museum

The Air Space Museum at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City features collections of aviation and space artifacts, aircraft and memorabilia.

Kirkpatrick Galleries

The Kirkpatrick Galleries at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City are sixteen galleries that feature collections of art and artifacts from around the world.


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