Cefalu Tourist Attractions


Cefalù is strikingly situated at the foot of a rock halfway along the north coast of Sicily.


The Cefalù Cathedral is one of the main tourist stops. The graceful building, linked to King Roger II, was begun in the mid 12th C and features three aisles and a vast transept.

Museo Mandralisca

On the west side of the Piazza del Duomo in Cefalù stands the town hall. Next to it runs the Via Mandralisca, in which the Museo Mandralisca is situated. it contains Greek vases (including a piece with a decoration depicting a tuna fish seller), Arab vases, coins and a collection of mussels. Of the panel paintings the well-known "Portrait of a Man" by Antonello da Messina (1465) deserves mention.
Address: Via Madralisca 13, I-90015 Cefalù, Italy

San Biagio

At the Via Vittorio Emanuele are situated the Church of San Biagio (13th century) and a public washplace, probably dating from the Arabian period. There is a charming view of the fishing-port.

Hosterium Magnum

The Corso Ruggero, the main street of Cefalù, branches off from the Piazza del Duomo in a southerly direction. At the junction with the Via Amendola on the right-hand side stands the Hosterium Magnum with a double and triple window. It was once the residence of King Roger II. The Corso, which is named after him, ends at the Piazza Garibaldi.

Tempio di Diana

In Cefalù one can see the remains of a megalithic temple to Diana (ninth century B.C.), a cistern from Arab times and castle ruins and a perimeter wall dating from the Norman period. The view of the town is superb and in clear weather it is possible to see the Aeolian Islands.

La Rocca

At the north end of the Corso Ruggero in Cefalù is the starting point of the climb (1 hour) of the crag known as the Rocca (269m/888ft), which is composed almost entirely of fossils; remains of a medieval castle and of an ancient polygonal structure known as the Tempio di Diana (9th century B.C.). From the highest point, on which are remains of a Norman castle, there are magnificent views.


Capo Raisigerbi, Italy

Situated between the cape and the railroad station at Pollina, Capo Raisigerbi (16km/10mi to the east of Cefalù) is a village with an excellent choice of well-appointed hotels.

Gibilmanna, Italy

A winding, scenic road leads from Cefalù southwards to Gibilmanna, situated on the slopes of the 1,081m/3,547ft high Pizzo Sant'Angelo.


In a beautiful situation lies the pilgrimage convent of Gibilmanna (bus connections), the name of which contains in its first part the Arabic word Djebel (= mountain), and thus means "mountain of manna". The church was built in the 17th/18th century, a Gagini madonna in its interior being particularly revered. Every year, on the occasion of the festival of the birth of the Virgin Mary (September eighth), the sanctuary of Gibilmanna is visited by pilgrims from all over Sicily.
The shrine is connected to a cultural center and a library which is maintained by the Capucins.

Cozzo Timpa Rosa

An unmade road 4km/2mi long leads to the observatory on the Cozzo Timpa Rosa, situated at an altitude of 1,005m/3,297ft (view).
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