Rhodes Attractions

Rhodes, the "Island of Roses" (actually of hibiscus), the largest of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest Greek island (after Crete, Euboea and Lésbos), is one element in the island bridge which extends from the Peloponnese by way of Crete and Kárpathos to Asia Minor, from which it is only 18km/11mi distant. 78km/48mi long and up to 30km/19mi wide, Rhodes is traversed from end to end by a long mountain ridge rising to 1,215m/3,986ft in Mt Atáviros. The land falls away gradually towards the coasts, well watered and well wooded, affording good soil for agriculture, particularly near the coast.

Rhodes Town, Greece



Líndos is striking city with its castle and acropolis standing above traditional white washed houses. Sand beaches and dramatic rugged shorelines complete the setting.

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