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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Salonica

Salonica is the principal cultural center in northern Greece, with a major University (founded 1925), the National Theater of Northern Greece (founded 1961), which is also an opera house, and the Salonica National Orchestra (KOTh); it is the see of a Greek Orthodox metropolitan (archbishop); and it has an important Archeological Museum, numerous Byzantine churches, some notable Roman remains and a number of buildings of the Turkish period.

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Seafront Promenade & Aristotle Square

Seafront Promenade & Aristotle SquareSeafront Promenade & Aristotle Square View slideshow
The Seafront Promenade runs form the Central Harbor to the White Tower and offers lovely views over the ocean.

City Center

City CenterCity Center View slideshow

Upper Town

Upper TownUpper Town
The Upper Town, with narrow streets and alleys, maintains a Turkish influence which can be found in many of the fountains and churches.

Town Walls

Town WallsTown Walls
The town walls were built shortly after Thessalonikeia was founded. They were strengthened throughout the ages but the seafront portion was torn down in the 19th C.

Outside the Old Town

Outside the Old TownOutside the Old Town



Áthos is an autonomous region of Greece with a long history of monasticism. It is a beautiful natural area, most well known for the 20 great monasteries and surrounding hermitages.

Pella, Greece

The ancient capital city of Pella was where Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. It was first excavated in 1957.

Ayía Triáda - Beach

The nearest bathing beach to Salonica is at Ayía Triáda, on the south side of the Gulf of Salonica.

Mt Khortiatis - Hill Villages

A popular excursion from Salonica is to the villages in the Khortiátis range (Oraiokastro 10km/6mi, Panorama 12km/7.5mi, Khortiatis 22km/14mi).
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