Rotterdam Tourist Attractions

The port town of Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, lies on both banks of the Nieuwe Maas, the southern arm of the Rhine, here joined by the little river Rotte.

Central Area

Southern Districts

Mariniersmuseum & Noordereiland

The southern districts of Rotterdam on the left bank of the Maas can be reached either by way of the busy Willemsbrug, parallel to which is a railroad bridge, or through the Maas Tunnel. The Willemsbrug leads to the Noordereiland, a long island in the middle of the river. Here, at Maaskade 119, is the Mariniersmuseum, which illustrates the history of the Corps of Marines from its establishment in 1665 to the present day.


On the far side of the Noordereiland is the Koningshaven (1km/.75mile long), with the oldest port installations on the left bank of the Maas (1873), which is spanned by road and rail bridges. To the south of this is the Feijenoord district, with the Binnenhaven, the Spoorweghaven, the large Maashaven (58 hectares/143 acres), built on the site of the old village of Katendrecht, and the small Charlois (pronounced Sharlóis) Docks.


To the west of the Charlois Docks stretches the large Waalhaven (310 hectares/766 acres), one of the largest dock complexes in the world. West of the Waalhaven is the suburb of Pernis, at the junction of the Oude and the Nieuwe Maas, where the Nieuwe Waterweg (Het Scheur) begins. From here the vast Europoort complex extends westward between the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Brielse Maas (Brielse Meer) to reach the North Sea at Hoek van Holland.

World Harbor Days

World Harbor Days in Rotterdam feature shopping and entertainment opportunities with a nautical theme.
Address: Box 6622, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3002 AP, Netherlands

Northern Districts

Blijdorp Zoo

Northwest of the Central Station is Blijdorp Zoo (Diergaarde), established in 1857. The large Riviera Hall complex contains freshwater and saltwater aquariums, tropical plants and birds. Most of the animals are in open enclosures designed to resemble their natural habitat. The new section called Asia (1990), for example, includes a swamp forest with two large aviaries for exotic birds, a Mongolian steppe, a bat cave, Chinese fauna and a Chinese garden.
Address: Blijdorplaan 8, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3041 JE, Netherlands

De Ster

On the southeast side of the Kralingse Plas stands a windmill known as De Ster, a snuff and spice mill of 1740 (restored); closed on Sunday. Farther north are two other windmills, the Prinsenmolen (1648) on the Bergse Voorplas and De Vier Winden (1776) on the banks of the Rotte.

Kralingse Plas

In northeastern Rotterdam, beyond the district of Kralingen, lies a large lake, Kralingse Plas, set in the Kralingse Bos, a wooded area (220 hectares/550 acres) much favored by the people of Rotterdam at weekends. There are several restaurants and facilities for water sports.

Eastern Districts

Toy Museum

To the south of the Kralingse Plas is the Rotterdam Toy Museum, with a collection of rare dolls, dolls' houses and mechanical toys from 1700 to 1940.
Address: Groene Wetering 41, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3000 PM, Netherlands

Trompenburg Arboretum

South of Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam (near the Maasboulevard), can be found the Trompenburg Arboretum, in the grounds of Trompenburg, an old country house (1820). In addition to beeches, oaks and rhododendrons there are thousands of trees and shrubs from all over the world.
Address: Honingerdijk 86, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3062 NX, Netherlands


In Rotterdam, to the south of the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum is the Westzeedijk, which runs from the Leuvehaven to the Schiehaven. In this area are a number of smaller docks including the Parkhaven, the St Jacobshaven, the Schiehaven and the Coolhaven.


To be found at KunstHAL in Rotterdam are a variety of constantly changing exhibitions on visual arts, design, photography, architecture and cultures originating in the Eastern world.
Address: Westzeedijk 341, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3015 AA, Netherlands

Gateway to Europe

Europoort, the "Gateway to Europe" is known for being one of the largest ports in the world.


Several events occur in Rotterdam throughout the year.

Sunday Market

The Sunday Market in Rotterdam has numerous stands with books, art, antiques, and more.

Heineken Jazz Festival

Heineken Jazz Festival.
This annual festival takes place in October and presents well known performers from all over the world.

International Film Festival

International Film Festival in Rotterdam.
This annual festival takes place in January.

Pop Park Open-Air Festival

Pop Park Open-Air Festival.
This annual festival takes place in September.

Poetry International

Poetry International Rotterdam hosts an annual Festival held in June.

Other Sights

Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam was completed in 1996. It spans the River Maas and joins the north and south sections of the city. The bridge is a beautiful piece of architecture, particularly when lit up at night.

Chabot Museum

The Chabot Museum features the works of the Dutch painter and sculptor, Henk Chabot. The collection is housed in a 1938 white villa built by architect G.W. Bass and was originally a private residence.
Address: Museumpark 11, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3015, Netherlands

Europort Exhibition

Europort, held in Rotterdam, is a huge annual international maritime exhibition. The event takes place in 10 halls that cover 40,000 m2 in space. Europort takes place in November.

Het Havenmuseum

The Havenmuseum is a "working" museum located in the harbour in the heart of Rotterdam. In the Leuvehaven many ships, derricks and a steam elevator are moored and still in
their original, ready-to-operate state and open to visitors.
Address: Leuvehaven 50, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3011, Netherlands


The IMAX in Rotterdam (Club IMAX) offers a highly advanced projection system giving the incredible sensation of being a part of the film in this audio-visual theater.
Address: Leuvehaven 77, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3011 EA, Netherlands

Thermen Holiday Sauna and Beauty Center

The Thermen Holiday Sauna and Beauty Center in Rotterdam offers saunas with various themes, swimming pools, and cooling facilities all in a tranquil setting. In the summer the resort is enhanced by the outdoor gardens and sunbeds.
Address: Prinses Beatrixlaan 10, Schiedam, Zuid-Holland 3121 JN, Netherlands

Diamond Center

Diamond Center Rotterdam is one of two diamond cutting workshops open to the public.
Address: Kipstraat 7B, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3011 RR, Netherlands

Market of Antiques

The Rotterdam Market of antiques, curios and general goods, can be found in and around Mariniersweg.


Tropicana in Rotterdam is an aquatic center with all kinds of fun water based activities for all ages, including slides, sauna, spa facilities, and more.
Address: Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3063 NS, Netherlands


Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Commune: Nieuw Lekkerland
Between Rotterdam and Dordrecht, on the river Noord, is the village of Kinderdijk ("Children's Dike"). The name comes from a legend that during the St Elizabeth's Day flood in 1421 a child's cradle was stranded on the dike.
Kinderdijk attracts tourists to the many windmills, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and date back to 1740.


The 19 Kinderdijk windmills, ranging in date between 1722 and 1761, are the largest surviving concentration of windmills in the Netherlands. The windmills, originally used to drain the fenlands, are now protected as national monuments. Their huge sails have a span of up to 28m/92ft. One of the mills is open to the public from April to September, and in July and August 17 of the mills are set in motion on Saturdays (molendagen, "mill days").

Windmill Days

The windmills of Kinderdijk operate on Saturdays during the summer months.
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