Puerto Madryn Tourist Attractions

The city of Puerto Madryn lies on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, in one of the most sheltered places of the Patagonian coast. Puerto Madryn lays close to a major nature reserve with a wide variety of sea birds and mammals. A plethora of sports are available including windsurfing for those who enjoy defying the Patagonian winds.
Founded by Welsh settlers in 1886, its street names confirm the city's origins. The city grew around railway and port activities and currently has a population of around 60,000. Despite modernization, Puerto Madryn has not succumbed to the gaudiness of other lake district destinations.
The deep water port is one of the best in Argentina and cruise-ships routinely dock here.

Museum of Oceanography and Natural Sciences

Displays of Patagonian flora and fauna, both land and sea are contained in Puerto Madryn's heritage building, Chalet Pujol, the Museo Oceanographico y Ciencias Naturales.
The building itself is an attraction and the gigantic whale skeleton and the recollection of a fisherman confronted with a giant squid are interesting.
Chalet Pujol offers a library and panoramic views from the loft.

Valdés Peninsula Nature Reserve

Sea-lions, elephant seals, penguins and other seabirds are present in one of South America's finest wildlife , the Valdés Peninsula Nature Reserve.
Water-sports enthusiasts and fishers are drawn by Golfo Nuevo's warm clear waters and beaches. The Southern Right Whale is the area's largest draw.

Punta Norte

Punta Norte is an enormous mixed colony of elephant-seals and sea-lions clearly marked with trails.
Orcas are in the area February through mid-April and visitors may see one lunging at an unwary seal.
The area has a small, but good museum focusing on local marine life, sealing and indigenous natives, the Tehuelche.

Párajos Island

Off-limit to humans is the bird sanctuary of Isla de los Párajos 800m/.5mi offshore.
Seen through powerful binoculars is the breeding ground of 10 different species of marine and coastal birds including:gulls; cormorants; oyster catchers; herons; ducks; and penguins.
September to April has the most bird activity.

Valdez Creek

Sheltered Caleta Valdez has a long narrow stretch where sea-elephants can be photographed pulling themselves ashore. Towards Punte Norte is a substantial colony of burrowing Magellanic penguins.

Punta Delgada

A large colony of sea-lions and elephant-seals can be seen from the cliffs of Punta Delgada.

Beaches and Water-Sports

Puerto Madryn has a variety of beaches popular with swimmers, windsurfers and sunbathers. Windsurfing equipment can be rented and several places arrange diving classes and excursions.

Julio Roca Avenue

Julio Roca Avenue is Puerto Madryn's main street. There are many shops selling leather articles, T-shirts, diving equipment as well as souvenirs of Patagonia and its wildlife.

Punta Loma Nature Reserve

This sea-lion rookery 17km/10.5mi south-west of Puerto Madryn, the Punta Loma Nature Reserve, has a center that lets visitors watch the animals as close as 15m/50ft from an overlook above the beach.

Eco Centro

The Eco Centro is a scientific and cultural attraction which provides clues for a better understanding of marine eco-systems.
Address: Julio Verne 3784, Puerto Madryn, Chubut 9120, Argentina

Monument to Tehuelche Indian

Monument to Tehuelche Indian was unveiled in 1965 on the centenary of the arrival of Welsh colonists to acknowledge their debt to the province's native peoples.

Monument to Welsh Woman

Monumento a la Mujer Galesa acknowledges the contribution of six welsh women to the town.

Municipal Art Museum (formerly the Museum of Modern Art)

The Museum of Modern Art in Puerto Madryn is lcoated in an interesting modern building containing local and national art with temporary exhibitions.
Address: Avenida Julio A Roca 444, Puerto Madryn, Chubut 9120, Argentina

Station of the Patagonico Railroad

One of Puerto Madryn's oldest buildings, the station of the Patagonico Railroad c 1889, is now the city bus terminal.

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