Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions

Elegant yet busy Buenos Aires with its 14 million inhabitants encapsulates the essence of the Argentinean. The world's ninth largest city is the political, economic, and cultural capital of Argentina and the geographical gateway to the rest of the nation.

Plaza de Mayo and Microcenter

San Telmo

Recoleta and Barrio Norte

Argentine Fishing

Argentina's vast territory plus numerous rivers and ideal climate guarantee a wide variety for fishers. Spinning and fly casting are the most common way to catch brown trout, rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon. Boga, Dorado, Sabalo and Surubi reach considerable size.
Address: Lerma 452, Buenos Aires 1414, Argentina

Buenos Aires Underground

SUBTE, the oldest subway system in South America c 1913 is quick and efficient despite the antique look of some of the cars. For a city of the size of Buenos Aires the metro network is very small. Apart from the Subte there is a i light rail line called Premetro, which serves the southwestern part of the city.

La Boca

Buenos Aires' most colorful neighborhood, La Boca features the brightly-painted houses of the Caminito, a favorite pedestrian walkway. Lining the polluted Riachuelo waterway are artists colonies and working class neighborhoods. The symbol of community solidarity is the Boca Juniors soccer team, former club of Diego Maradona.

Caminito Street Museum

The Caminito Museum Street is a colorful and distinctive pedestrian zone that since 1959 has functioned as an open-air museum and art market. Painted a patchwork of colors, this string of photogenic buildings offer quality souvenirs, sculptures, and free open-air tango demonstrations. It takes its name from a tango.

Necochea Street

Calle Necochea is lined with pizzerias and garish cantinas. Aristotle Onassis once lived in this district, working ferrying people across the Riachuelo, beneath the Black Bridge.

La Bombonera Soccer Stadium

La Bombonera Soccer Stadium, home of the Boca Juniors soccer club and Diego Maradona, holds 60,245 people. It's named La Bombonera due to its chocolate-box shape.

Soccer Museum of La Boca's Passion

Soccer Museum of La Boca's Passion, the first soccer theme-museum in the Americas has been designed with advanced exhibition techniques, including a 360º surround-sound film, and 72 computerized touch-screens displaying the best of 20th C soccer.
Address: Brandsen 805, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1161, Argentina

Museum of Decorative Arts of Quinquela Martín

La Boca's fine arts museum hosts the work of Benito Quinquela Martin and other 20th C Argentine artists in Quinquela Martin's former studio.
Address: Pedro la Mendoza 1835, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1169, Argentina


Palermo is the major recreational spot for all Porteños where there are several large parks and small lakes. The wide open spaces of Palermo were once dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas' private retreat, now the area is home to a plethora of ethnic restaurants and avant garde fashion.

Jardín Botánico

Amongst the lakes, bridges and sculptures found in the 8ha/19.8ac Jardín Botánico c 1898 are 5,000 flower species from around the world including all the species found in Argentina plus French and Italian Gardens, a herb museum and horticultural school.
Address: 3951 Avenida Santa Fe, Argentina

Zoological Garden

Jardín Zoológico in Buenos Aires, where indigenous monkeys and birds live amid the 300 species in the 18ha/44.5ac park also includes an aquarium with an amphitheater where animals interact with the public.
Address: Avenida Sarmiento 2827, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1425, Argentina

Plaza Italia

Handicrafts and jewelry can be bought at the weekend fair at the busy Plaza Italia intersected by Santa Fe, Las Heras, and Sarmiento.

Rose Garden Walk

Paseo del Rosedal is found in Palermo. As well as the roses the Rose Garden contains picturesque fountains and statues of literati.

Puerto Madero

A dynamic, modern neighborhood has sprung up in what was once Buenos Aires's oldest port. An enormous project to revive this area has resulted in fine riverfront walks and restaurants.

Ecological Reserve

500 species of birds make Reserva Ecolojica home. Bike rides and nature hikes are embarked upon.
Address: Avenida Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550, Argentina


The outlying residential barrio of Belgrano has several significant museums plus shopping, restaurants and green spaces.

Japanese Garden

This fine Japanese Garden is a tranquil escape from the fast pace of urban life in Buenos Aires. Run by the Japanese Cultural Society, there are streams, bridges, and fishponds (with food to feed the fish).

Museum House of Yrurtia

The Casa de Yrurtia belonged to the sculptor Rogelio Yrurtia who designed the building in Mudejar or Spanish Moorish style. Inside are his furniture and works of art plus those of his wife Lía Morales and other artists.
Address: O'Higgins 2390, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1428, Argentina

Historical Museum Sarmiento

Museo Histórico Sarmiento in Buenos Aires contains memorabilia of Domingo Sarmiento, one of Argentina's most famous presidents and educators.
Address: Juramento 2180, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1428, Argentina

Libero Badii Museum

The Museo Libero Badii contains the unconventional sculptures of Argentina's foremost modern artist.
Address: Avenida 11 de Setiembre 1990, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1428, Argentina

Museum of the National Institute Sanmartiniano

Museo del Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano contains a 1:75 scale replica of San Martin's exile in France.

Museum of the Spanish Art of Enrique Larreta

The Museo de Arte Espanol Enrique Larreta in Buenos Aires is the private art collection the Spanish writer gathered throughout his travels.
Address: Juramento 2291, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal 1428, Argentina

Ezeiza International Airport

Simply known as Ezeiza, for the town in which it's located the airport serving Buenos Aires is situated 35 km/22mi southwest of downtown.
Ezeiza International Airport serves the city and surrounding communities with international and national flights.
Ezeiza operates from three terminals: The International Terminal, the Aerolíneas Argentinas Terminal and the National Terminal.

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