Copan Ruinas Tourist Attractions

Situated in a deep valley hidden by mountains is this peaceful village with cobbled streets that wind past red-roofed adobe buildings. It is 1km/.62mi from the famous Maya ruins of the same name.

Copán Ruins Archeological Site

Copán Ruins Archeological Site is one of the most important Maya cities in the world. The site reveals a stratified society with an emphasis on tradition and symbolism.

Los Sapos (ECO-Hacienda San Lucas)

Los Sapos is a rocky outcropping believed to be the birthing site for Mayan women. The toad-like carvings on the stones are Maya symbols of fertility. The area is located within a private ranch, known as ECO-Hacienda San Lucas. ECO-Hacienda San Lucas offers an opportunity to explore a typical Honduran finca (a large farm or a ranch). Nestled in the mountainsides of the Copán Valley, with views of the valley, the town of Copán and the jungle surrounding the Archaeological park, San Lucas has developed a series of trails which include a combination of archaeology, agriculture, (coffee and banana plantations, and nature, (small creeks, waterfalls, and pine, cedar and oak forests).

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Santa Rosa de Copán is a pleasant base for trips to nearby indigenous villages and into the Honduran Highlands. Now a coffee production center, Santa Rosa de Copán's history was based on the tobacco cultivated in the region. With a population of over 25,000, Santa Rosa is the most important commercial and political city in western Honduras. It serves as the administrative center for the departments of Copán, Lempira and Ocotepeque.

Cathedral of Santa Rosa

Yellow and white Catedral de Santa Rosa displays devotional items on its wooden altars.

Flor de Copán Cigar Factory

The Flor de Copán cigar factory, where hand-rolled cigars rival those made in Cuba, can be toured.

Sant Rosa de Copan - Ecotourism Spa of the Three J's

A swimming spot featuring mountain spring water, thermal pools plus tours to tobacco, coffee and lufah plantations.

el Cerrito

At the western end of Calle Centenario a Mayan sculpture from AD753 can be seen atop el Cerrito.

Santa Rita de Copan, Honduras

Picturesque Santa Rita is mountain village with cobblestone streets, red tiled roofs, a beautiful plaza and a peaceful colonial church. 9km/5.6mi from Copán on the Copán River the town relies on agriculture, with tobacco, and coffee being the most important crops.

Peña Quemada

The atmosphere of a tropical rainforest, with its small rivers and exotic jungle sounds are found within a private reserve that holds over 8ha/20ac of undisturbed tropical forest with birds in trees towering over 45m/150ft above the ground. There are 6 families of howling monkeys that inhabit the reserve.

Copán Museum

The Copán Museum houses very detailed information on artifacts found at the archaeological site. Among the exhibits is the burial ground of a scribe, and a complete original carved bench of the house excavated at "Las Sepulturas".

Enchanted Wings Butterfly House

A 306sq m/3,400sq ft butterfly house that houses several varieties of butterflies native to Honduras. The pleasant greenhouse has a waterfall and a variety of tropical plants that are food to the butterflies.

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