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Place Royale, Québec

Place Royale, the nucleus from which Quebec City developed, has undergone exceptionally sensitive restoration in recent years. It stands on the site of Québec's actual foundation, the spot where, in 1608, Samuel de Champlain erected his first "habitation", a farm and storage shed. Named in honor of Louis XIV whose bust adorns it, Place Royale is the largest surviving ensemble of 17th and 18th c. buildings in North America.

Notre-Dame des Victoires

One of the most lovingly restored buildings on the Place Royale is the little church of Notre-Dame des Victoires (1688), a name which evokes so much in the city's history.
Address: 32 Sous-le-Fort Street, Quebec, QU G1K4G7, Canada

Maison Chevalier

With its tall chimneys and red tiled roof this fine stone house the wings of which form three sides of a square was built in 1752 for Jean-Baptiste Chevalier, a wealthy merchant. Completely renovated in 1959 it is now used for exhibitions on ethnography.
Address: 50, rue du Marché-Champlain, Québec, QU G1K8R1, Canada

Batterie Royale

Adjacent to the Place Royale in Québec, facing out over the river and encircled by stout walls and palisades, the little Batterie Royale was constructed in 1691. Having been threatened with destruction on a number of occasions over the years by the St Lawrence in spate, a way has now been found of safeguarding what remains.

Maison Nicolas Jérémie

The Place Royale was once the commercial heart of old Québec and a merchant's shop has been re-created in the Maison Nicolas Jérémie as a reminder of those earlier days.

Maison Soumande

An exhibition devoted to the city's history is housed in the restored Maison Soumande. Among the displays is a model of Québec at the time of its foundation.
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