Tegucigalpa Tourist Attractions

The capital of Honduras is a busy, noisy city nestled in a valley at an altitude of nearly 1000m/3280ft. It has a fresh and pleasant climate, and is surrounded by pine-covered mountains. Called "Tegus" by locals, the city was bestowed with the name 'silver hill' when the Spanish founded the city as a mining center in 1578. Picturesque Tegus with close to a million inhabitants has homelessness and pollution but offers gourmet restaurants and colorful fruit stands. Its interest in tourism and security make it one of the safer big cities in Central America.

La Tigra National Park

La Tigra National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Honduras. Located at an altitude of 2,270m/7,446ft, the unspoiled 7,482ha/18,480ac park preserves a lush cloud forest that is home to ocelots, pumas, monkeys and quetzal, orchids, 200 species of birds and has six paths for hiking.
Address: 6th Floor, Edificio Italia, Avenida Republica de Panama, Honduras

National Art Gallery

Honduras best art gallery features art from prehistoric to colonial times plus modern, magical realism and is housed in the old university.
Address: Plaza de la Merced, Calle Bolivar, Honduras

Basilica of Supaya

Gothic Basílica de Suyapa is dedicated to the Virgen de Suyapa, patron saint of Honduras, believed to have performed hundreds of miracles.

Central Park (Plaza Morazán)

A statue of the hero Francisco Morazán stands in the middle of this park filled with locals relaxing under its shady trees.


A poorer, dirtier market area of Tegucigalpa with lots of long-distance bus stations and cheap hotels.

Historical Museum of the Republic

Museo Histórico de la República outlines Honduran history from independence to the modern day and is housed in the old presidential palace.

National Museum Villaroy

Museo Nacional Villaroy chronicles the country from before Spanish arrival to colonization.
Address: Villa Roy Building, Calle Morelos, Honduras

San Miguel Cathedral

A gold Baroque altar is found in the simple interior of the Catedral san Miguel, built in the late 18th C.

Santa Lucia, Honduras

Tranquil Santa Lucía is a charming old Spanish town with meandering cobblestone lanes and breathtaking views of surrounding mountains.

The Peak

At the top of the hill known as el Picacho a statue of Jesus stands overlooking Tegucigalpa. There is a small zoo and replicas of Mayan ruins.

Tegucigalpa Metropolitan Zoo

The 310 animals at The Tegucigalpa Metropolitan Zoo include 20 species of mammals, including jaguars, deer and spider-monkeys, 23 birds and seven reptiles. The zoo is located at El Picacho, with a stunning view of the city.
Address: Avenue La Paz, Honduras

Valle de Angeles, Honduras

The clean safe hamlet of Valle de Angeles is the capital of the country's craft trade. Formerly a Spanish mining town it is restored to its 16-century appearance.

Church of St Francis

The 16th C Iglesia de San Francisco was the first church built in Tegucigalpa.

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