Belize City Tourist Attractions

Belize City is the county's largest urban center with a population estimated to be around 70,000. The city surrounds Haulover Creek, which is the name given to the last 4mi/6.5km of the Belize River.


Fort George District

Belize - Independence Day Festival

Belize's Independence Day is September 21, and the nation celebrates with several activities including flag-raising ceremonies, street parades and sporting events. Music, dance and food are abundant, and the crowning of Miss San Pedro takes place on this day.


Taking place annually in September, the Carnival festival held in Belize City features dance, music, food, pageantry, street parades and costumed bands. Festivities run from the beginning of the month through until Independence Day on September 21. It is also often refered to as National September Celebrations.

Museum of Belize

The Museum of Belize is a unique building with interesting exhibits. The museum is housed in a former prison build in the late 19th Century. While most of the museum is dedicated to history, natural history, and development of Belize, one area has been left to show the history of the building, with a jail cell.

Baron Bliss Day Festivities

Baron Bliss, a great benefactor of Belize, is honored with a day in his name (March 9) and nationwide festivities. In Belize city, a regatta is held near his tomb and there are kite and cycling races.

Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic

The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic bike race features international participation and starts in Belize City, moves along the Western Highway around San Ignacio and returns to Belize City. The event is usually held in early April.

Pan America Day (Columbus Day Regatta)

Mestizo (mixed ancestry) culture is celebrated annually on October 12 with beauty contests, horse and bicycle races. Belize City's festivities culminate in yacht regatta races, all of which is known as the Pan America Day/Columbus Day Regatta.

Philip Goldson International Airport

The Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) supports all international flights to Belize. There are a number of shops, including duty free, restaurants, and car rental facilities located at the airport.

Princess Belize Hotel

The Princess Belize Hotel also features a movie theater, marina and bowling alley. Dancing shows are featured in the evening. The hotel sits on the waterfront with views over the bay.
Address: Barracks Road, Kings Park, Belize

Belize - Fiesta de Carnival

Held one week before Lent in February, the Fiesta de Carnival is celebrated nationwide. The festivities feature comparsas (special dances) competitions.

Municipal Airport

The small Municipal Airport (TZA) flies to local Belize cities and the offshore cayes.

Placencia Mountain Bike Classic

Starting in Belize City, this international cycling competition ends in Placencia Village.

San Cas Belmopan Cycling Classic

Beginning in Belize City, this cycling race leads to Belmopan and back and is held each year in March.


Belize City Surroundings - Altun Ha Archaeological Site

Altun Ha Archaeological Site was founded around 600 BC and consists of two main plazas and 13 temples.

Belize City Surroundings - Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo features native Belizean wildlife in natural surroundings covering 29ac/12ha of tropical savannah. More than 125 species are found at the zoo, including jaguars, black howler monkeys, vultures, storks, tapirs, crocodiles, ocelots and peccaries.
The zoo was founded in 1983 by Sharon Matola, who had previously been taking care of 17 animals during the making of a film in Belize. After filming, the animals had become semi-tame and Matola feared they would not survive in the wild. Matola created the zoo in response to the situation and continues to educate visitors on the importance of supporting native Belizean wildlife.
Address: Box 1787, Belize

Tropical Education Center

Managed by the Belize Zoo, the Tropical Education Center is situated on 84ac/34ha of pine savannah habitat in the Sibun River watershed. The purpose of the center is to provide environmental education about the area, and the center generally hosts visits from scientists and school groups. The grounds feature a nature trail and wildlife viewing treetop platforms. Canoeing on the Sibun River is a popular activity.
Address: Box 1787, Belize

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