Arica Tourist Attractions

In the far north of Chile is the port city of Arica (pop. 160,000). With beaches, gardens, sand dunes, and year-round warm, dry weather, the area has become a popular resort area.


South of the city center are some of the areas most popular beaches. Among these are Playa El Laucho, Playa La Lisera, Playa Brava, and Playa Corazones. Beaches to the north include Playa Chinchorro and Playa Las Machas. Many of the beaches around Arica have strong currents and can be dangerous for swimming.

Aduana de Arica (Casa de la Culture)

This former customhouse was built in 1874 and designed by Gustave Eiffel. The building, now known as Casa de la Culture, has been restored and houses art and historical exhibits.

El Morro de Arica

El Morro de Arica is a 110m/361ft headland with great views over the port and ocean.

Museo Histórico y de Armas

The Museo Histórico y de Armas commemorates an 1880 battle between Chile and Peru during the War of the Pacific. On display are various weapons, uniforms, and artifacts from the war.

Estación Ferrocarril Arica-La Paz

The Estación Ferrocarril Arica-La Paz train station, in Plazoleta Estación, was built in 1913.

Iglesia San Marco

In the central Plaza Colón stands the gothic style Iglesia San Marcos, built by Gustave Eiffel.


Lluta Geoglyphs

In the Lluta Valley, north of Arica, are a number of pre-Columbian geoglyphs. The restored geoglyphs are located on a hillside and consist of stone groupings representing llamas and pre-Columbian pack trains.

Museo Arqueológico San Miguel de Azapa

A short drive east of Arica is the Museo Arqueológico San Miguel de Azapa. On display are collections of pre-Columbian pottery, woodcarving, and baskets, as well as mummified remains from the Chinchorro culture, dating from 8,000 to 10,000 BC.

Iglesia de Sun Gerónimo

The 17th C Iglesia de Sun Gerónimo is one of Chile's oldest churches.

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