Hopkins Tourist Attractions

The fishing village was settled by people of the Garifuna culture in 1942 after their previous settlement of Newton was destroyed by a hurricane. The new settlement was first known as Yugada, a Garifuna phrase meaning "village by the sea". The name of the village was eventually changed to Hopkins, named after a Catholic priest who drowned offshore of the village site in 1923. The village was rebuilt after 1961's Hurricane Hattie destroyed Hopkins.
Hopkins stretches along 2mi/3.2km of a road running parallel to the sea and has a low-key atmosphere. Several travelers visit Hopkins for its proximity to several offshore dive sites and natural attractions. Other popular activities in Hopkins include cycling and sailing, and there are several options for accommodation in the village. Excursions offered from Hopkins include fishing, kayaking and river running, as well as nature tours of the Cockscomb Basin. Manatees and dolphins are often spotted off the beaches of Hopkins.

Fresh Water Lagoon

Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities in the fresh water lagoon, north of Hopkins

Hopkins Surroundings

Mayflower Archaeological Reserve (Mayflower Bocawina National Park)

The Mayflower Reserve encompasses jungle-covered Mayan ruins, hiking trails and waterfalls. The Mayan Post-Classic sites within the reserve are Maintznun (hummingbird) and T'au Witz (dwelling of a local god on a hill), and although they are partially excavated little is known about them.
The park's hiking trails are graded for distance and difficulty, and are the highlight of the reserve. Of the trails, the most popular are two waterfall hikes. A two to three hour hike leads to the 100ft/30m Antelope Falls, while a much less strenuous walk leads to Three Sisters Falls.

Maya Center, Belize

Maya Center is a small Mayan village at the entrance to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. When the protected area was established in 1984, Mayans living in the reserve were relocated to this village. Today, there are a few options for accommodation in the village, and Mayan crafts are sold in the village craft shop. The friendly Maya of this village offer tours of Cockscomb, an interesting option as not only are the guides knowledgeable of the area's flora and fauna, they can also show travelers where they used to live.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve

Hmen Herbal Center Medicinal Trail

The Hmen Herbal Center Medicinal Trail outlines medicinal plants used in Mayan traditional healing practices. The trail is maintained Aurora Saqui, who is a relative of the famous late Mayan healer, Don Elijio Panti of the Cayo District.

Sittee River

Several travelers enjoy canoeing and kayaking excursions offered on the Sittee River, which flows through the jungle canopy. The tributaries near the mouth of the river are ideal spots for birding, offering observation of parrots, toucans, egrets, motmots and herons.

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