Central, Belize City

Many of Belize City's attractions are found in this region of the city, which lies on the west side of the Belize Harbor.

House of Culture

The House of Culture was built in 1814 and is one of Belize City's oldest buildings. Up until Belizean independence from the British Commonwealth in 1981, this building was known as the Government House and was the residence of the governor-general. At this site, the Belizean flag was raised for the first time on September 21, 1981.
Today, the furniture and tableware from the former residence is displayed along with historical photographs and occasional special exhibits. One of Baron Bliss' boats is displayed in the garden. The House of Culture sustained damage from two hurricanes, first in 1931 and again in 1961 (Hurricane Hattie).
Address: Regent Street, Belize

Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts

The Bliss Institute in Belize City promotes the arts with performance halls, the National Arts Institue, galleries and more.. The Institute is home to the National Arts Council, which stages concerts, theater performances and periodic art exhibits.
Baron Bliss was an Englishman who spent his last days on his yacht fishing the waters of Belize. Upon his death he left a large bulk of his wealth in trust to the people of Belize. These funds have sponsored several worthwhile projects over the years.
Address: Southern Foreshore, Belize

St John's Cathedral

Built in 1812, St John's Cathedral in Belize City is the oldest Anglican church in Central America. The structure was built by slaves with bricks brought on a ship from Europe as ballast. A notable ancient pipe organ and Baymen-era tombstones are found inside.

Swing Bridge

Built in 1923, the Belize Swing Bridge connects Belize City's south and north sides and is the only manually operated swing bridge in the world. Each morning and evening, bridge operators rotate the bridge just long enough to let tall boats pass along Haulover Creek, halting city traffic.

Battlefield Park

Battlefield Park in Belize City is usually crowded with locals sitting around on the park benches and vendors selling food and other goods. The smell of local dishes drifts through the air as you walk by.

Commercial Center

The Commercial Center in Belize City is a large modern building holding a food market on the ground floor, while offices and shops are found above. Several vendors are found on the sidewalks surrounding the market.

Court House

Built in 1926, the prominent Court House building was used as the headquarters for Belize's colonial administrators. Today, the Court House still serves government functions.

Maritime Museum

The Belize Maritime Museum features displays on sea-related topics such as marine life, boats and fishing. Large crowds are often gathered at the Marine Terminal waiting to catch boats out to the offshore islands.

Albert Park

Albert Park in Belize City is a family oriented park with playground and open areas.

Bird Island

Bird Island is connected to the mainland by a footbridge. A recreational area is found here, including a basketball court.

Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market in Belize city offers a large selection of fresh vegetables and other produce.

Hindu Temple

The Hindu Temple in Belize city is a temple which houses offices on its first floor.

Yarbrough Cemetery

The graves of Belize City's earliest settlers are found at Yarbrough Cemetery, some of which date to 1781.

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